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connecting flights to kuantan:
  • British Airways operates its top of the line services from Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Gatwick for travellers to Kuantan via Kuala Lumpur.
  • Malaysia, being the flag carrier, facilitates the shortest flights to Kuantan via stopover in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Emirates Airlines, one of the trusty airlines of aviation industry, has indirect flights to Kuantan from Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick.
  • KLM provides its flight services from all major UK airports including Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham to Malaysia’s port city- Kuantan.
  • Qatar Airways maintain its highly regarded services in operating flights to Southeast Asian countries from the UK airports.
flights schedule of airlines connecting the uk to kuantan:

If you are setting up for a relaxing trip to Kuantan, Malaysia’s second biggest port, then you have a choice to avail any of the following flights, considering the schedule of whole itineraries mentioned below. That will definitely assist you in coming to a prudent verdict as per your preferences.

  • Malaysia Airlines gets airborne from London Heathrow on at least two daily flights. The itinerary includes a stopover at Kuala Lumpur before it arrives at the target destination. The expedition is likely to consume a bare minimum of 14h 50m and a maximum 18h 10m, mainly depending upon the stopover durations.
  • The reputable service provider, Qatar Airways, operates three flights on a daily basis from London Heathrow. The carrier of Qatar Airways is projected to terminate the expedition at Doha for a brief stopover of 1h 35m. From where commuters are shifted to a carrier of Malaysia Airlines that takes off for Kuantan via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • KLM offers its top of the line services for flights to Kuantan. The itinerary includes a first stopover at Amsterdam, and then a carrier of Malaysia Airlines will resume the journey to Kuantan via Kuala Lumpur.
  • You may opt for the flight services of Emirates, providing the most reliable services to almost every destination around the globe. Dubai, being the major hub for all flights of the valued airline, connects with Malaysia Airlines at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which will bring the connecting flight to an end.
best time to visit kuantan:

The significance of weather conditions is undeniable if you are scheduling a leisure trip. Nobody wants to stay on the beaches during rainy season and strike the gradient in scorching hot weathers. As far as the weather and climate of Kuantan is concerned, it bears two seasons. One is hot and other is relatively low in temperature. Kuantan bears tropical but humid climate all the year and endures temperature ranging from 26 to 35 degree Celsius. Clouds cast the skies of Kuantan during the months of October to March when it is rainy off and on. This is known to be the low season for travelling to Kuantan but is balanced by the indoor activities offered at resorts.

events and celebrations in kuantan:

In the city of Kuantan, you will encounter a fusion of different Asian cultures including Malay, Chinese, Muslim, and Indian. You are liberated to observe your own religion without any pressure or insecurity. In the same manner, festivities of all the cultures are celebrated here including Eid, Chinese Lunar New Year, Deevali, Holi etc.  

top notch eateries in kuantan:
  • Ana Ikan Bakar Petai: Whether it’s local flock or a group of foreign tourists, all include a visit to this grand open air sea food bistro across the river on the island on any given evening to feast the Malay sea food dishes.
  • Akob Patin House:  Anb open kitchen serves a wide selection of freshly caught sea animals including fish, crab and the shrimp that is cooked besides you as per your customized style. An amazing collection of fresh juices is available to wet your whistles.
most searched accommodations in kuantan:

Kuantan hosts a variety of lodging facilities worth the quality ranging from merely fine to really enticing. So unless you are on serious budget cuts, you can facilitate yourself with accommodations worth-splurging. The famous restaurants are Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan, Vistana Kuantan City Centre, Sri Manja Boutique Hotel, Riverside Boutique Guesthouse, Arena Batik Boutique Hotel, Kosma Boutique Hotel and The Zenith Hotel. As you venture your ways away from the pristine beaches and their resorts, you can find accommodations which are fairly light on your pockets.

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