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Harbin is a new city formed by the Russian engineers as it was serving as a trade route between Russia and China. This beautiful country was thus developed to provide a small but unique experience for the travelers. The best event of the city is the Ice Festival, which is the highlight of the year. This festival is celebrated in winters every year. It usually starts in the month of January and ends after a month time. Therefore, the optimum time to visit the city by taking cheap flights to Harbin is during the falls during December to February. Nonetheless, Harbin also serves as a good summer resort as the temperature is very pleasant here as compared to other parts of China. 

places to see and things to do

The capital of Heilongjang Province in China, Harbin is a city filled with festivities, laughter and smiles. The arctic climate paves way to a lot of Ice and Snow Festivals at Harbin, which is one of the biggest attractions of the city especially during the month of January. Each year the festival outdoes itself by displaying some of the most exquisite ice sculptures and colorful ice lanterns that is a sight that should not be missed out on. Enter a world of winter sports competitions that has attracted thousands of people from all over the world to take part in by acquiring cheap flights to Harbin. 
One of the largest ice and snow art exhibition and amusement park is placed here in Harbin, called the Ice and Snow World. Consuming more than 750,000 square meters and using over 300,000 cubic meters, the Ice and Snow World is now one of the biggest and most well known theme parks that illuminates ice and makes the whole area no less than fairyland. 
Ice lanterns are considered to be a form of art that are exhibited at the Ice Lantern Show. Displaying the culture and artistic fascination, this show demonstrates the history of how the ice lanterns came into being. 
One of the most thrilling adventures that you can experience, by taking cheap flights to Harbin is the Siberian Tiger Park. This is bound to be one of the epic experiences of your life. Located near the Songhua River, the Siberian Tiger Park is one of the only places in the world where you can admire the Siberian tigers, which are considered to be one of the top endangered animals in the world. This is your chance to feed the rare breed tigers with your hands and take pictures with them. 
Head over to the Harbin Polarland, which is the first theme park dedicated to the polar beings such as the penguin family and polar bears. This is your chance to meet the friendly and wild arctic animals.
Step away from all that is ice and head over to the Harbin Confucius Temple, which was completed in the year 1929. The most visited historical site in China, this temple should be on your must visit list. There are many landmarks and buildings that pay tribute to the history of the country. One such place is the Volga Manor, which is located near the Ashi River and exhibits the Russian influences beautifully. 
The Harbin Pole Aquarium is one of the most famous sites. This is the first polar themed park that has the specialty of combining animal shows and the polar land sights into one. Starting from the Fisherman Wharf to the Penguin Island of South Pole, this Aquarium will let you meet all the friendly animals by taking cheap flights to Harbin
There are is an elaborate transportation system in the country with buses, taxis and trams. Ferries are also available that will take you to some of the top attractions of the city. These attractions include the Sun Island Park, Ice Lantern Festival, Siberian Tiger Park and the Grand World of Ice and Snow. It should also be noted that ferries run regularly between the Sun Island and the city center. 

hotels and accommodation:

A range of options is available to choose from, when it comes to deciding where to stay in Harbin. Cheap flights to Harbin are available along with affordable accommodation packages from Travelhouse Uk. Each one will be beyond your expectations as they provide top-notch facilities and amenities. If you are looking for comfort and luxury, then head over to the Nangang Area. These hotels provide 24 hour round the clock services, fine dining experience, free Wi Fi and other luxury services that a 5 star hotel can offer. Daoli houses some of the most affordable hotels that provide economy deals and comfort unlike any other hotels in the area. The central location of these hotels makes them the prime choice for most of the tourists as it is near to the shopping malls and most of the attractions. Some of the hotels provide spa and massage services as well which the tourists have simply loved. The Jingwei Street and the Xuanhua Street is also home to some of the most affordable hotels that provide adequate services. For a luxury experience, head over to the Shangyou Street which is right next to the Zhongyang Street. 

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