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best time to visit

The ideal time to visit this city is during the autumn season stretching over the months of October to December. During this time, Guangzhou welcomes its visitors with dry, clear and pleasantly cool temperatures, great for exploring the city and getting around. Therefore, while you can have a chance, grab your cheap flights to Guangzhou to explore this scenic metropolitan. 

places to see and things to do

The transit city of Southern China, Guangzhou connects to all major cities in the entire region. It is labeled as a sub-province containing about 10 districts and a couple of country-level cities, Zengcheng and Conghua. Cheap flights to Guangzhou aid the travelers to spend some time in this impeccable city. The Shamian Island is located alongside the central river of Guangzhou, preserved as a modern day reminder of colonial settlement of the Great British Empire in China.

Chimelong Water Park, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Baomo Gardens and the Southern China Botanical Garden are among the green areas established under the administration. Particularly, the families can find them rejoicing and worth a visit. When it comes to entertainment avenues for the family, there is no limit to diversity. Changlong Tourist Resort, Guangzhou Ocean Aquarium, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Chimelong Water Park and CrocoPark are some of the biggest facilities for spending complete days on exploring wildlife as well as availing thematic rides. Other natural landmarks for observing the scenery of Guangzhou are the Guangzhou Bayun Mountain, White Cloud Mountain, Sunflower Garden and the Yuexiu Mountain. Other than the endangered Panda, wildlife venues have a variety of animals at the Crocodile Park and Guangzhou Zoo.

Guangzhou’s modern development is influential enough to be compared to its neighboring megacity of Hong Kong.  Its TV Tower, Canton Tower, Pearl River Bridge and near-artificially reclaimed Ersha Island highlight the extent of its progress in terms of development in infrastructure. Be it visual arts or performance arts, Guangzhou has left no stone unturned for reaping talent. The city Opera House is decked for traditional as well as western singing performances, while Redtory, Peasant Movement institute, Revolutions history museum and Museum of Art preserve visuals from some of the most important phases of the city’s development.

Highlighting the Chinese heritage and culture, the Chang Long International Circus, Panyu Nansha Tianhou Palace, Watchtowers of Kaiping, Hualin Temple and the Nanyue King Mausoleum are all elements of dynastic history, which dominated the region for centuries. One of the unique temples is the Flower Pagoda, also known as the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, and the Temple of 5 immortals. Presence of Islamic culture is also evident in older parts of Guangzhou city. The Tomb of the Muslim Hero and Huaisheng masjid are main venues regularly visited by foreign travelers who come here by taking cheap flights to Guangzhou, as well as local tourists for exploring historical significance of these landmarks. 

hotels and accommodation:

Guangzhou offers great choices in the budget and lower mid-range regarding hotels and hostels. However, it offers plenty of excellent luxury and upper mid-range hotels spread all over the city. The main highlights of the central areas are the hotels themselves, with suites, restaurants and lobbies giving a scenic view of the cityscape, while facilitating relaxation and sports amenities to guests. It is worth knowing that cheap flights to Guangzhou and budget friendly hotels with quality services, are easily acquired with little deliberation. Lilac International Suites, Lazy Gaga Hostel and Mei Lan Hotel are perfect examples of such accommodations, all located near to the city attractions. The category for hostel is nearly categorized as a hotel owing to the range of services and amenities being offered, which is why they mainly cater for workers and backpackers alike who reach Guangzhou. When it comes to top-end places, Guangzhou has unlimited options located in the heart of the city as well in the Downtown area. White Swan Hotel, Crown Plaza Guangzhou City Centre and the Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel are some whose architecture is influenced by contemporary and unconventional designs, having state-of-the-art structure and facilities. The city also nests a number of apartment options catering to business travellers mostly, offering luxury ones alongside budget friendly ones as well. Apartments cater for guests among neighborhoods as well as central business districts, saving space as well as budgets, providing deluxe rooms, simple bedrooms as well as entire suites. With such a booming accommodation sector in the city, numerous international hoteling chains also have major branches established in Guangzhou. 

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