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Which Airlines Fly to Davao from the UK?

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • PAL Express
  • Silkair
  • AirAsia
  • Etihad
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Emirates

How Long is the Flight to Davao from London Heathrow?

It takes a minimum time of 17 hours to reach Davao from the Heathrow Airport. This is the shortest one-stop flight with Philippine Airlines that reaches Davao via Manila. Flights may take longer if booked with a different airline or the itinerary involves more than one layover.

Which Airlines Fly Direct to Davao from London Heathrow Airport?

Currently, no airline is operating direct flights to Davao from the Heathrow Airport in London. Code-shared connecting flights are the only means of travelling to Davao by air. Needless to say, there are a variety of airlines to choose from and all airlines serving the destination are standard service providers

What Is The Average Cost For Flights To Davao From the UK?

The price for a return ticket to Davao typically stays around 535 GBP. This is the calculated average airfare. What the agent will quote you, when you call, will either be slightly high or surprisingly low depending on the time of your booking and how much in advance are you making the reservation.

How far is the Francisco Bangoy International Airport from Davao City?

The city proper is a one hour drive from the airport. Covering a distance of 36 kilometers may take a bit more time during rush hours early in the morning and around 6 o’ clock in the evening.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Davao City?

Starting from late November till the early days of March is considered to be the peak-season in and around Davao. This dry season is ideal for travelling and vacationing.

daily flight schedules of airlines flying from London heathrow to Davao

Philippine Airlines:

Philippine Airlines can outstretch the journey to Davao from Heathrow in time ranging from 24h to 28h depending mainly upon the time of stopovers. The esteemed airline takes in passengers for one stop flight  in PR 721 (departing at 2250) up to Manila, from where travellers are relocated to PR 1809 after 7h 55m to extend the flight up till it reaches Francisco Bangoy International Airport. The same carrier’s flights are operated for Davao together with two stopovers at Manila, for 2h 40m, and then Cebu for 8h 45m, where passengers are shifted to PR 1809 at the former and PR 2363 at the latter one.

Baggage Allowance:
Philippine Airlines’ baggage policy follows a piece system. According to that you can carry two pieces of 23 kg in total for Economy Class and two pieces of 32 kg each for Business and First Class passengers.

Singapore Airlines: 
Singapore Airlines operates four flights from London Heathrow on a regular daily basis. SQ 321 and SQ 319 departing at 2205 and 2250 correspondingly, incorporate a stopover at Singapore. The passengers from both the carriers are directed next to the SQ 5088 to fly straight to Davao. The flight duration is 31h 40m for the former and 32h 55m for the latter one. In the same manner, SQ 317 and SQ 305 leave the airport at 1125 and 0925 hours respectively integrating two stopovers in their itinerary; 1h 30m at Singapore and then 50m in Cebu for both flights.

Baggage Allowance :
Singapore Airlines allows its passengers to bring one piece of 23 kg in Economy Class and 32 kg for Business Class.

Cathay Pacific:
Cathay Pacific’s operates a connecting flight via two stopovers and consumes a total of 22 hours to accomplish its Davao itinerary from Heathrow. Cathay Pacific leaves from Heathrow on CX 238; ceases its flight for a concise stopover at Hong Kong for about 2h 30m. The carrier of Dragonair, KA 5919 takes off from Hong Kong with an added stopover at Manila wherefrom aircraft of AirAsia Berhad ; AK 615 resumes the flight straight to Davao.

Baggage Allowance to Davao:
As per Cathay Pacific’s checked baggage regulations, you can carry 20 kg while travelling in Economy Class and 30 kg in Business Class.

British Airways:
British Airways is thought to be the most reliable flight service from London. British Airways, being the most preferred airline service from the UK begins the voyage to Davao from all major airports of the United Kingdom. BA 15 sets forth at 2135 hours to Davao, encompassing a stopover at Singapore for 15h 20m, from where the carrier of SilkAir namely MI 588 connects the flights from Singapore to Davao.  Another carrier of British Airways, BA 161 takes off from London Heathrow at 2235 hours, terminates the journey for a stopover at Shanghai for 6h 50m. The layover allows shifting of passengers to a carrier of China Eastern MU 543 that covers the flight distance up to Singapore. The carrier of SilkAir, MI 588 is further entitled to bring the journey to an end.

Baggage Allowance from Heathrow to Davao:
British Airlines’ checked baggage includes 1 bag of maximum 23 kg in Economy Class and 3 bags of 32 kg each for Business or First Class.

Turkish Airlines:
TK 1972 commences the air travel from London Heathrow at 1800 hours to Davao. The whole itinerary of 21h 45m includes two stopover points of approximately 2h each at Istanbul and then Manila.

Free Baggage Allowance:
As per the standardization, Economy Class travellers are allowed to lug in one piece of 20 kg in addition to a hand carry of 8 kg. Being a Business Class commuter, you are privileged to have one piece of 30 kg as checked in luggage and two pieces of hand carry weighing 8 kg.

connecting flights to Davao

  • Philippine Airlines takes the leading position when it comes to flying back to its home country. It operates a number of flights from Heathrow at several different timings comprising a stopover at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, before arriving at Davao.
  • Star Alliance member, British Airways provides its excellent flight services to commuters to Davao from London Heathrow and Manchester. They offer connecting flights including two stopovers at Bangkok and Manila before touching down at the final destination of Davao.
  • The widely used airline service, Singapore Airlines, sets its agenda for various connecting flights to Francisco Bangoy International Airport, Davao, via Frankfurt and Singapore from London Heathrow.
  • Cathay Pacific sets course for Davao from Heathrow and Manchester in order to operate indirect flights to Davao including a couple of stopovers at Hong Kong and Manila sequentially in their itinerary.
  • Malaysia Airlines’ honourable services can be availed from all major UK airports including two stopovers at Kuala Lumpur and Manila in an orderly manner.
  • Qatar Airways takes flights to Davao by stopping at Manila and Doha on its way from Heathrow and Manchester.
  • You may also opt for the services of China Southern via Philippines solely from Heathrow.
  • KLM offers connecting flights to Davao from Manchester Airport and is suitable for people with budget-cuts as it involves three stopover points at Amsterdam, Taipei and Manila before it finally reaches the target destination.
  • Turkish Airlines gets the spurt flying from Manchester, Edinburgh and Gatwick. The itinerary clinches duo stopovers at Istanbul and Manila consecutively before touching down the ground at Davao.
  • You can avail cheap flights from Manchester on Etihad Airways that flies straight to Abu Dhabi, and then a carrier of Philippine Airlines gets the passengers to Manila for an overnight stay before setting off to Davao.

best time to book flights to Davao

Davao usually stands hot and humid atmosphere. Monsoon occurs between May and October balancing out the intensity of heat waves coming directly from the sun. Usually weather remains pleasant during this time of the year especially for people who are beachgoers. Dry season takes the haul from December to January.

events and festivals in Davao:

Kadayawan Festival in August:  This is a thanksgiving fiesta to rejoice the blessings of God in the form of a variety of multi-coloured and succulent fruits throughout the year. Celebration lasts for a week and a list of activities to enliven you includes horse fighting, Miss Kadayawan Beauty Contest, cultural dances featuring the tribal costumes and jewellery of Davao.

places to visit in Davao

  • People’s Park:  It is possibly the best place to take a stroll in fresh open air with your loved ones beside you. The sights and the monuments are excellent. Almost a thousand species of vegetations can be observed here. The first thing you will stumble upon in the park is Durian dome. Durian is the fruit particularly found in Davao and in abundance. Usually non-Davaoenos are unaware of this extremely delicious fruit. Moreover, the park is comprised of a Sunken Garden and a Children’s Library. Awe inspiring and a huge sculpture of a Philippine’s Eagle is worth watching whenever you visit the People’s Park.
  • Mt. Apo: Mt. Apo is the famous mountaineering place in the Philippines. Working your way up the gradient till you reach at its eminent peak is an exhilarating experience which also happens to be fairly easy on the muscles, so people from all age groups choose to go there especially in the month of April.
  • Eden Nature Park: Tropical plants, pines trees, flora and fauna are found in abundance at Eden Nature Park and Resort. Sky Rides are something you should never miss out on. Various restaurants offer scrumptious food at the resort. Moreover, you can acquire worthy lodgings with high standard amenities and soothing ambience.

The tranquility of Malagos Garden Resort, display of distinctive bones out of more than 700 specimen of bones at D’ Bone Collector Museum, exhibits of cultural heritage of the people of Davao at Museo Dabawenyo, wildlife experience at Crocodile Park and exploration of the unspoilt beaches like Samal and Talicud Island are some worth mentioning places that you should pay a visit to in your vacations. On the top of that, these sites hypnotize you with its serenity and can prove to be a wonderful holiday destination.

most- searched accommodation options in davao

Since the maximum numbers of five star lodging facilities are along the beaches, trekkers usually have a preference to take into service a quality accommodation along a pristine beach and relaxing ambience. Treat yourself in a royal manner after booking your holidays in any of these hotels: Marco Polo Hotel, Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark, Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel, Waterfront Insular Hotel, Seda, Pearl Farm Beach Resort and Home Crest HOTEL. Three star lodging conveniences are available at Hotel Galleria, Orchard Hotel, Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel and Microtel.

restaurants in Davao

Your travelling would be incomplete without gratifying your gastronomic hankering. For this, you ought to experience the particular cuisine of your travel destination.

  • Jack’s Ridge: It is considered to be the top notch choice of Filipinos and tourists as well. If you are looking for the relaxing atmosphere while satisfying your gastro-fest desires, then this is possibly the best go-to place.
  • Lachi's: Both the locals and tourists fancy the restaurant because of its delicious ribs and tasteful Laing including the other appetizing dishes being offered at this eatery.

The Swiss Deli and Restaurant, Claude's Cafe de Ville, Bon Appétit Restaurant, De Bonte Koe European Restaurant, Yellow Fin Seafood And Restaurant, Davao Dencia's Restaurant are some of the notable places for a tourist- cum-gastronome.

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