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why visit chiang mai?

The beautiful country of Thailand is enough to trigger thoughts of an overwhelmingly beautiful culture, stunning surroundings, exotic temples and diverse ethnic tribes. And when it comes to exploring all these in one city, then Thailand's second most favourite tourist destination, only next in line to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the place you need to visit. Boasting a relaxed vibe and the quintessential of Thailand's beautiful culture, Chiang Mai has long inspired and made thousands fall in love with this charismatic city. Located in the foothills of northern Thailand, the city once being the capital of the Lanna Kingdom offers a captivating insight into the culture and practices of ancient Thailand. From boasting attractions that include extraordinary temples like the Wat Prathat Doi Suthep and Wat Prasingh to the stunning beauty of botanic gardens, Chiang Mai is sure to enthrall its visitors with architectural extravagance and rare natural beauty. But that is not all that Chiang Mai is famous for. From showcasing age-old ruins at Wat Chedi Luang to offering great adrenaline pumping activities like trekking, the city is sure to cater to all kinds of tastes ensuring a fantastic holiday for everyone. Apart from harboring some of the best sites of the country, Chiang Mai also offers the best street food that you will get to find in Thailand. The Sunday Walking Street makes it to the top of the list in this regard with its scrumptious delicacies and famous locally made arts and crafts.

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to chiang mai from uk?

Some of the leading air operators in competition with each other to offering cheap flights to Chiang Mai from UK include China Southern Airline, Air China, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways.

are there any direct flights from london to chiang mai?

There are no direct flights to Chiang Mai from London as of the latest flight records.

what is the average flight time from london to chiang mai?

Average flight time from London to Chiang Mai is 13h 55mins including stopovers.

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Chiang Mai International Airport is located approximately 3 km southwest of the city center taking a time of 10-15 minutes by car to reach the city.

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Chiang Mai International Airport offers a number of transportation options for passengers arriving at the airport. Public Taxi service is available 24 hours for the comfort and ease of the arriving passengers. Taxi services will include songteaw and the popular local transport called tuk-tuks outside the arrival lounge of the airport. 

Limousine and car rental service counters are also available and located opposite the domestic and international arrival lounges on the first floor. Most of Chiang Mai's hotels offer pick and drop services for its valued guests free of charge. Please check with your hotel at the time of booking if such services are being offered. 

how to get around chiang mai?

The popular mode of public transportation in Chiang Mai is using tuk tuks and Songthaews. Tuk tuks are three-wheeled and windowless vehicles that offers cheap mode of getting around the city. These are brightly colored, usually blue, red and green for easy identifiable and can usually be found easily around Chiang Mai. Songthaews, on the other hand are covered long-bed trucks offering cheaper transport as compared to the tuk tuks. 

There is also the option of using private transportation by hiring a private car and a driver. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in chiang mai?

Chiang Mai accommodation options include guesthouses, boutique hotels and hostels catering to the tastes and budget of all kinds of travelers. Most of the boutique hotels are intricately designed keeping in mind the predominant architectural styles of Thailand. The Villa and Rainforest Resorts are not only lavishly styled and equipped with all the latest amenities and facilities but also boast the serene aura needed for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. 

Chiang Mai is also home to some of the leading international chain of hotels known for their impeccable service and high-end facilities. The city's hotels and boutique hotels also offer outdoor pools and spa facilities with therapeutic massages that Thailand is famous for. Other than this, top rated hotels also offer poolside services, bars, restaurants specializing in local and international cuisines, outdoor balconies and also the perfect tropical ambiance that the country is known for. 

Budget travelers can also avail the option of living in style at some of Chiang Mai's extravagantly styled guesthouses. 

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