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Chengdu lies on the moderate climate zone. The summers are hot and humid and the winters are quite mild with average temperature remaining 3 to 7 degree Celsius. This fact makes Chengdu, a year round destination. It is quite popular among the tourists who plan to get cheap flights to Chengdu in addition to visiting Beijing. Spring and autumns especially the month of March April and September October are like any other part of China most appropriate for the visit. However, prepare for some rain showers during the autumn season.

places to see and things to do

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, known popularly as the "Heavenly State". It owes its popularity to its colorful culture, Szechuan cuisine and exotic teas, as well as calm, soothing ambience of its landscape and environment. If it isn’t the number of fascinating cultural attractions in Chengdu that will take you on a captivating journey, it is definitely the rare and once in a lifetime opportunity to get up-close with the adorable pandas.

You can acquire cheap flights to Chengdu, to hold and cuddle these lovely pandas. The city is home to a number of spectacular attractions including beautiful temples, monasteries and ancient architectural edifices, but specialties like the Bifengxia Panda Base and the Dujiangyan Panda Valley make this destination stand out from any other destination. Complete sanctuaries and conservation efforts are prominent at the Xiongmao Jidi Panda Base.  This is where you get to see up to 80 giant pandas carefully nestled in some of the most caring surroundings. These lovely pandas are kept with utmost care in such a way that they feel at home. While the visitors not only get to interact and feed them, they can also hold their babies. These panda habitats are most popular among the kids and families.

The city also offers great spots for rejuvenating oneself like the Wangjiang Tower Park, Xiling Ski Resort and the Wangjian Pavilion Park ensuring you that every area of Chengdu has its own share of scenery and beauty. The overall landscape consists of a great plain which is renowned across the region for its fertility, with Chengdu’s outskirts marked by fields of crops and small villages. It is also linked with one of the oldest irrigation systems for the crops, namely the great Dujiyangan Irrigation system. These features, accompanied by many other sites highlight Chengdu’s identity affiliated with its natural beauty, whether it is the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Park, the Mount Qingcheng Taoism Centre, the Four Girls Mountain or the People’s Park. Travelers, who once visit this excellent city, are tempted to come here again by taking cheap flights to Chengdu.

Major cultural institutions and facilities like the Chengdu Museum, the Sanjue Monument, Museum of Old Medicine, Industrial Civilization Museum and Ethnographic Museum are listed for educational tours across the city. Many of them particularly focus on aspects related to Chengdu’s history or geology, apart from the Jianchuan Museum and the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum.

As in the case of all cities of China, the sanctity of temples play a crucial role for the community life and rituals practiced on a regular basis. Both Buddhism and Taoism are evidently spread across the local population. The Green Ram Temple, Wuhouci Temple, Qiyang Temple, Zhaojue Temple and Wenshu Temple are prominent examples of the worship places. They offer a tour to their sprawling Tea Houses, ancient shrines, memorials,  gardens and organize social gatherings.

Entertainment and leisure activities are mostly family oriented such as the Happy Valley, Flora land, Paradise Island Ocean Park and the Teddy Bear Museum following their own themes varying from greenery, water sports and characters. Take your family along on a vacation by availing cheap flights to Chengdu to explore these amazing attractions. For the art lovers, the Sichuan Opera is the prime venue having a traditional cabaret display, while talent in the field of visual contemporary arts is evident at the Thousand Plateaus Art Space. Shopaholics can also find their fair share of attractions in Chengdu. There are entire avenues and districts set up for shopping activities clustered together with plazas, malls and shopping centers. At the national level, Chengdu boasts the largest building of the world, built within just a year, the New Century Global Centre which is a multi-purpose facility.

hotels and accommodation:

Chengdu offers a range of accommodation options to suit all kinds of travellers. It is home to some of the leading international chain of hotels specializing in offering top-notch services, pool and spa facilities and internationally acclaimed restaurants and bars. A few options in this category are in sync with foreign cultures, particularly the Sofitel. While buying cheap flights to Chengdu, you can also get hold of affordable holiday deals in the renowned hotels of the area. These are also located in some of the best locations, nearby the metro for easy transportation options. The boutique hotels of Chengdu also boast the unique oriental styled architecture to commemorate the ancient architecture of China. Chengdu also offers a number of budget friendly hotels and plaza hotels, offering quality and comfortable living at not too great a price. The top of the line are the hostels, which not only facilitate complementary services regarding drinks and music, but also have common living rooms to allow backpackers to interact with each other. Self-catering apartments and inns are mainstream, while a few guesthouses and homestay options are located near the suburbs and residential neighborhoods.

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