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best time to visit

China is a vast country so the best time to visit China can be determined where you want to go or what you want to do. Beijing is blessed by nature with a moderate climate, which suggests that you can take cheap flights to Beijing any time of the year and you will enjoy it. The summers are hot and the winters are cold and dry. Alternatively, autumns and spring offer pleasant weather so they are the best seasons to travel to Beijing. Nevertheless, it is a year round destination with fervor and you can enjoy variety of festivals any time of the year.

places to see and things to do

The People's Republic would have a capital brought forward by the optimal what the people can offer, and Beijing never fails in satisfying expectations. Having seen centuries of evolution under the rule of one dynasty after another, imperialism has left its traces in Beijing's culture. Through the settlements of districts and neighborhoods gave rise to skyscrapers and towers as a hallmark of urban commerce. This interesting blend of modern and antiquity have led to attract many travelers every year, who avail cheap flights to Beijing to witness its beauty.

To bear the witness of China’s long history visit the Tiananmen Square. The established center for the Republic's heritage and importance, the Tiananmen Square brings together the Chinese Revolution Museum, the Qianmen Gate, the Museum of Chinese history and the Forbidden City.  The Forbidden City is preserved in its archaic state to materialize history for the modern explorer. Moreover, the City Walls of the Ming Dynasty, the Old Summer Palace and the Dongcheng Drum & Bell Towers are additional important landmarks from past regimes of varied dynasties.

China is a modern nation but its religious roots are very strong. Chinese people gave a lot of regard to their religion, which is why there are a number of ancient and modern worship places in the capital. China’s religious rituals are considered a way of life for the local community, a fact that can be explored at the Temple of Heaven, the Yonghegong Temple and the Tanzhe Temple, each of them located at significantly important locations for serving the locality. The magnificent temple of Heaven is painted in ornate combination of vibrant colors to stand out against the background of clear blue sky on any good day. Dakue Temple, the temple of Azur Clouds, Jietai Temple, Big Bell Temple, Tanzhe Temple and White Clouds Temple are other famed temples for their sculptural and visual art displays as well as functions for the society.

Museums like the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Beijing Ancient Observatory, National Museum of China and the Capital Museum complete an educational tour of getting to know history at the national level. The iconic Great Wall of China is a must visit spot when you will acquire cheap flights to Beijing. It is open for a trek on the paved stone walkways, with multiple sections housing main landmarks like the Jiankou Hills, the Simatai Pass, the Joyong mountain Pass, and the great Zhengyangmen inner city Gate.

Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Cherry Valley Botanical Garden, Chaoyang Park and Beijing Botanical Garden are all prominent locations among many others featuring in Beijing's green areas. Beijing’s surrounding topography includes multiple lakes located nearby, like the Kunming Lake, Beihei Lake, Shichahai lakes, with some of them having their own natural park terrains. The Yongdin River is one of the main tributaries flowing along Beijing. The city is also rich in terms of art heritage; Chaoyang and Dashanzi have made quite a name in the category of exhibiting emerging talents in local contemporary arts. Beijing also hosts the silver ovoid shaped National Centre for Performing Arts. Travelhouse UK offers the visitors cheap flights to Beijing, without any difficulty. Our trained staff will help you design your holiday in the most affordable way in order to make you vacation memorable for a lifetime. 

hotels and accommodation:

Beijing houses a range of hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation options for all kinds of travellers arriving in China by taking cheap flights to Beijing. The city boasts a range of some of the leading chain of international high-end hotels all specializing in maintaining the quality and standard of the services being offered. All these hotels offer comfortable living, indulgent and high-end spa services, gym facilities, outdoor and indoor pools, restaurants and bars. The boutique hotels are carefully built in convenient locations closer to some of Beijing's major attractions and market places.  The Financial Street and the Central Business District cater for the business traveller segment, providing the very best of luxury hotels among skyscrapers and towers. Dongdan, Wangfujing and Huhai are traditional old areas best for shopping as well as site seeing. Beijing has also seen an increase in the number of courtyard hotels to experience the real spirit of this beautiful city. These age-old courtyards are furnished with traditional Chinese furniture and offer an ambiance that perfectly depicts the country's culture and traditions. Towards the countryside, there are multiple club resorts established in ample space to cater for amenities and private, exclusive accommodations.

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