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Which Airlines Operate Flights To Batam from UK?

  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • KLM

How long is the flight to Batam from UK?

  • Flight from London Heathrow Airport to Batam is 22 to 23 hours long. This flight comes with two stopovers one at Doha and the other at Jakarta.
  • Flight heading for Batam from Manchester is 24 to 25 hours long. This flight also comes with two stopovers, one at Doha and the other at Jakarta.
  • Flights to Birmingham to Batam are also 24 to 25 hours long. These flights also operated by Qatar Airways and Garuda Indonesia and have two stopovers: one at Doha and the other in Jakarta.
  • Flights from London Gatwick to Batam have a similar duration of 24 to 25 hours. These flights also stopover at Doha and Jakarta before landing at their destination.

Are there any direct flights to Batam from UK?

No, as of right now, there are no direct flights available from the UK to the Indonesian city of Batam. The preferred route, however, is to head for Doha with a Qatar Airways flight and then to Jakarta. Taking a Garuda Indonesia flight from Jakarta would get you to Batam in another 2 hours.

What is the best time to visit Batam?

The climate of Batam remains somewhat moderate with rainfall during the months of October to April. Apart from the rainy days, the visitors can enjoy lovely sunshine all around the year. The best time, however, to set the expedition by taking cheap flights to Batam is the dry season. The weather remains dry during the months of January to May providing a perfect opportunity to entertain you with plenty of sightseeing and water sports.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Batam?

To do the tropical climate of the city, the weather is great all year around. The highest temperatures never go beyond 31°C and the average yearly temperature remain between 27 C to 29°C. The chance of having a rainy day increases as winter approaches. November is a cheap time to get to Batam because most tourists planning to visit the city halt their journeys for the holidays. Get to Batam early can get you a cheap tropical vacation which Europe is getting ready to be put in the freezer. November brings a chance of a few more rainy days but beyond that, the sunsets on this city beaches are beyond amazing all around the year.

What are the major international airports in Batam?

Hang Nadim International Airport serves the city of Batam. Not only does the airport have the second longest runway in South Asia, but it is also one of the most favourite airports where aircraft maintenance, repair and overhauling are done and is now a full-fledged industry. The airport was able to entertain 6.3 million passengers in 2017. The airport is only 21 kilometres from the city’s main commercial area, near the port. Hang Nadim International Airport is destined to have a new terminal and its capacity would be increased to 8 million passengers in a few years. The project is well underway. Batam Airport is also used to land diverted flights from Singapore’s busy Changi International Airport.

What are the entry requirements to Batam for British travellers?

A British traveller does not need a visa to travel to Batam for the first 30 days. The Indonesian Authorities allow the British passport holders to remain in the country for a month without a visa. This tenure includes the days of arrival and departure. If your stay is beyond 30 days in Batam, then please apply for a visa from the Indonesian Embassy in London. This type of visa costs USD $ 35 and you can apply for this visa at Batam airport on arrival.

What are the major landmarks in Batam?

The island’s attractions have something to offer for all its tourists, from thrilling sports and fun filled leisure, to relaxed and serene activities. Whether you are visiting with family or friends, or simply visiting for a business trip, this city has the perfect holiday to offer along with providing the option to find cheap flights to Batam. It does not only provide numerous sightseeing opportunities but also offer a raucous nightlife, stunning coastline and eclectic shopping malls.

As a start, Visit the Barelag Bridge or the Underwater World to entice your senses. The western side of the island is where all the action is taking place. Head over to The Waterfront City and experience the very best of water and sports activities. The Ocarina Park is a newly added theme park with Ferris wheels, water park rides and other state-of-the-art rides. Indulge in a relaxing experience at the picturesque beaches such as Melur. Nearby islands located just beyond the coasts, include numerous islets and islands of Singapore as well as Indonesia

Hop on an adventurous and educational experience by visiting the Temple Tua Pek Kong to get in touch with the history and culture of the locals. The Adhi Vinayakar Temple is located just a few minutes from Nagoya. For the majority of the Muslim community in the city, the Jabal Arafah Mosque, along with Batam’s Great Mosque is the prime exhibit of Indonesian contemporary influence in Islamic architecture. The main official green area established within the main city premises is the Batam Botanical Garden, with the largest reserved area planned to have an artificial lake reservoir.

Which events and festivals are celebrated in Batam?

Batam is part of Indonesia, which is a Muslim country. Apart from celebrating the Eid Festivals in Islamic culture, Batam has adopted many Asian festivals that help attract tourists to the city. Batam follows the lunar calendar as does the entire Muslim world when it comes to festivities. The first festival in the Islamic lunar calendar is the Eid un Milad un Nabi – the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Eid ul Fitr and then Eid ul Adha are also celebrated with glittering lights, tasty sweets, barbeques and delights. Batam also celebrates the festival of lights in early April, when lanterns are flown into the air over the Straits of Malacca.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Batam?

In addition to its small size, the city offers an exhaustive transportation facility for the travellers coming here by acquiring cheap flights to Batam, making it more accessible. The taxis are usually metered and the fares are more or less fixed. A few of the hotels operate their own bus services to the city centre, terminals and transport stop for train and minibuses. Moreover, there is also a minibus service available which runs from Jodoh and Telaga Punggur along fixed routes. One can also hire a car for a more customized option; however, this can be quite expensive. Since the city is itself an island, it has to rely on ferry services to reach other islands, which are included within its terrain.

Which five star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Batam?

To help maintain the flow of tourists, the city offers impeccable lodging options. Starting from the beach resorts with stunning views to hotels situated strategically near the airport, convenience options are varied.

  • Radisson Golf & Convention Center Batam
  • Grands I Hotel
  • Harmoni Suites Hotel
  • HARRIS Hotel Batam Center
  • I Hotel Baloi
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