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Cheap Flights to Australia

Cheap Flights To Australia

Fly to Australia with users’ top Searched Airlines

Many well-reputed airlines are offering flights to Australia from UK like British Airways, Qantas Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways and Emirates. These airlines operate from all major airports in United Kingdom including London Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. Since Australian Summer starts around December so this time of year is normally considered as peak season and fares on Australian are higher during this time than of other months. During the off season, a flight with economy class can cost you about £550 to £700. However, in peak season the price increases and it can be around £700 to £900. If you want to get cheap flights during the peak season, we would suggest you to book in advance.

Direct flights to Australia Or a flight  with stop-over

British Airway, Thai Airways and Qantas flights are considered as direct flights to Australia with shortest time spend on connecting destinations. Qantas Airways is the national flag carrier of Australia and it offers flights to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Cairns and Darwin from Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham etc.  British Airways also provides flights to major Australian cities from all major airports of UK.

All other airlines have longer flight duration as compared to these two as they spend considerable time on connecting airports. They usually have one to two stopovers. Stopovers can be made in any Middle Eastern, European or Far Eastern city.

Most Searched Flight Routes for Australia
Here, few of the popular routes for Australia from UK which you can avail from TravelhouseUK:

  • London Heathrow to Australia (Kingsford Smith International Airport) with Emirates via Dubai
  • Manchester to Australia (ADL) via Singapore with Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates flights from Heathrow to Perth International, Asutralia via Dubai
  • London Heathrow to Hobart International, Australia with Etihad via Abu Dhabi
  • Brimingham to MEL, Australia with Qatar Airways via Doha
  • Heathrow to Australia (BNE) with Qantas

Which airline offers shortest possible time for journey between UK and Australia?
Flights duration is different depending on the destination and stopover time period. On average Australian flights can take 21 hours excluding the time taken on the connecting points. However, duration can extend for cheaper flights. The shortest route will take around 22 hours and the longest route will be of 1 day and 5 hours. Stopovers usually take 2 to 4 hours. Here are few airlines with their flight durations from UK to Australia:

  • Qantas Airways offers Australia flights from London (all airports), Manchester and Birmingham with stopover at Hong Kong, Dubai or Singapore. Minimum flight duration can be 22h 25m whereas maximum is 40h 10m.
  • British Airways make one stop either at Singapore or Hong Kong on the way to Australia. Minimum flight duration to major airports in Australia can take 19 to 24 hours.
  • Singapore Airlines only operates from London Heathrow with one stop in Singapore. Flight duration can vary between 22h 50m to 27hh 20m.
  • Etihad Airways also offers flights from London airports with one stop via Abu Dhabi. Flight duration can take 23 to 26 Hours.
  • Emirates Airline offers flights to all major Australian destinations with one stop in Dubai. Minimum flight duration will be 19h 35m and maximum will be 40h 25m.
  • Malaysia Airlines will make a stop in Kuala Lumpur. This airline offers Australian flights at London airports. Minimum duration of its flights is 24h 55m and maximum is 34h 05m.
  • Qatar Airways offer flights to Australian cities with one stop via Doha. Its flights take minimum 19h 05min and maximum 40h 25m to reach their destinations.
  • Turkish Airlines offers flights to Australia at Birmingham and Manchester airports with two stopovers in Istanbul and Bangkok. Its flight durations vary between 29h 20min to 51h 25m.

For further details, please contact our customer Service team.

How much baggage I am allowed to take on Australia flight from any major British airport?
For most of the travellers, baggage allowance is one of the major factors in booking flights. Emirates Airlines has the best baggage allowance among the airlines offering flights to Australia. Depending on the economy fare type, your checked baggage can be up to 35kg for Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Business class travellers can take 40kg whereas with first class, its 50kg. Here are the rest of airlines with their checked baggage limits:

  • Baggage allowance for British airways is one bag of 23kg in economy class, two bags of 32kg each in business class and three bags of 32kg each in first class for Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and other major Australian cities.
  • With Qantas Airlines you can take 30kg in economy class, 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class for all cities in Australia.
  • Singapore Airlines has checked baggage allowance of 30kg for economy class, 40kg for business class and 50kg for first class travellers of Sydney and Melbourne.
  • When travelling with Etihad Airways, you can take one bag of 23kg in economy class, 2 bags of up to 32kg each in business and first class cabins to Melbourne and Perth.
  • Malaysia Airlines allows you to take 2 bags with combined weight of 30kg in economy class, 2 bags with combined weight of 40kg in business class and 2 bags with combined weight of 50kg in first class to Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.
  • Baggage allowance of Qatar Airways for economy class is 32kg, 40kg for business class and 50kg for first class while travelling to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.
  • When you choose Turkish Airlines, you can carry 25kg in economy class and 30kg in business class for Sydney, Perth and Melbourne flights.
  • We would suggest you to weigh your baggage before arriving at the departure. If your baggage weight is more than your stated allowance, then you should pre-purchase baggage allowance online to avoid higher rates at the airport.

What is the Best Time to Visit Australia?
First of all, you have to keep in mind Australian seasons run opposite to European seasons. Like when we have summer, Australia has winter and vice versa. We would suggest you to plan accordingly. Best seasons to explore Australia are spring and autumn. Spring is between months of September to November and autumn is from March to May. December to February climate is hot whereas it is cold from June to August.

Months from September to November are peak season for visiting Australia. Rates of flights and accommodation considerably increase during these months. The best way to explore Australia on budget is to book in advance. This will enable you to get cheap flights to your favorite Australian destinations and view amazing sites.

What are Hotel and Lodges accommodation options in Australia
Hotel accommodation in Australia is comparatively expensive than other international destinations. However, now more and more five star hotels are offering discounted offers and deals. If you are on business or holiday trip, then Travelodge, Adina and Holiday Inn are affordable options. There is much difference between off and peak season accommodation rates so it’s better to book in advance.

When you are travelling with your family or groups, best option is to choose apartment-hotel. You can save many by doing your own laundry and cooking. Another cheap option is Airbnb. With this online renting solution, you can get good place in main cities and rural areas.

Hostels are the cheapest accommodation option for backpackers. You will find them everywhere in Australia from main city center to a remote countryside. There are over 140 hostels operating under Youth Hostel Association and another over 150 hostels under VIP Backpackers. We would suggest you to get their member cards before starting your journey.

Australia Popular Places to Eat and Visit
Australia is a vast country with diverse landscape. It is home to many natural and man-made wonders. Every year many international visitors are allured by these amazing sites. Like sightseeing, dining out is a major aspect of Australian trip. That's the reason more and more hotels are offering affordable menus with global cuisine choices. It is almost impossible to list down all the places to eat and visit in Australia. Here is a short guide about popular restaurants and places to visit in main Australian cities:

  • Sydney: Every tourist includes Sydney in his/her itinerary. The city is famous for its Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Other than these two, Bondi Beach, Botanic Gardens, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Blue Mountains are tourist attractions. Mark Best’s Marque Restaurant and Dixon Street in Chinatown are affordable options for eating out.
  • Perth: Perth offers variety of places and things to do on budget. You can go for surfing, swimming, sailing, fishing and boating. Its beaches are perfect for learning surfing. Most visited places are Perth Zoo, Botanic Gardens, St Mary’s Cathedral and Swan River. Fremantle is popular for its pavement cafes and old pubs.
  • Melbourne: This place is a must for all budget savvy travellers. You have plenty of options like public art galleries, parks and museums. Must to visit sites are Warrook Cattle Farm, 12 Apostles, Peninsula Hot Springs and Melbourne Aquarium. Reliable and affordable dining options are Mamak, ShangDong MaMa and Middle Fish.
  • Adelaide: This city is perfect for bike expedition as it has Mediterranean climate and pretty flat terrain. The sites which you cannot miss are South Australian Museum, Adelaide Oval, Botanic Gardens and Cleland Conservation Park. Best places for affordable meals are Rickys Kitchen, Lunch Special at Clay and Coal, La Carpe Diem and Burek Lounge.

Annual Events/ Celebration
Every year Australia has many cultural events and festivals. Some of them are globally attended by thousands of tourists. Here are few Australian events you should attend:

  • Perth International Arts Festival hosts variety of events related to classical music, contemporary music, theatre, dance, opera, film and literature. Annually, this event takes place from 10th February to 5th March 2017.
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival of the world. This festival is unique due to its creative originality. So have some carefree laughs from 29th March to 23rd April.
  • Sydney Festival is celebrated for three weeks and it’s free to attend. This is not only a cultural celebration but also an event of high quality art. Be a part of Sydney festival from 7th January to 26th January.

Flight destinations in Australia

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