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Cheap Flights to Melbourne

Cheap Flights To Melbourne

Find cheap flights to Melbourne, Australia's European counterpart with a cool weather, filled with enriching experiences whether it is arts, culture, sports or simply a fun vacation. TravelHouseuk's Budget-savvy deals to Melbourne allow you to make an informed decision and enjoy comfort and affordability. From a vast database of airlines and flight deals, you can simply search for best possible airfares from all major UK airports to Melbourne. Send us a query or call our experienced travel experts for a customized flight from anywhere in the UK to Melbourne.

Bargain deals for return flights to Melbourne

Departure from : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 01 March 2017 - 31 March 2017
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Business class flights to Melbourne

Departure from : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 01 March 2017 - 31 March 2017
Book By : 31 March 2017

Still thinking, where to go in Melbourne? Read our Melbourne travel guide for all you need to know before you take your flight.

Why visit Melbourne?

From the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium to the NGV International, Melbourne is the hub of all things green. The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens and the Royal Botanical Gardens are the major attractions of the city. No place can beat the nature and wildlife experience that Melbourne has to offer. The rare landscapes and beautiful plants are what distinguishes this city from the rest of Australia. The coastal capital has manicured streets with 19th century buildings that beautifully display the striking history. The culture and traditions, evident in the numerous art galleries and museums add the oomph factor to the marvelous capital of Victoria. 

Start your journey by visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne which is one of the top attractions of the city. A green parkland that is situated next to the Yarra River is home to over 50,000 plants which includes some of the rarest forms of flora. These unique plants, make this one of the only places that has been visited by over a million tourists annually. 

Commenced in the year 2002, the Federation Square is a symbol of marking a hundred years of federation. An integral part of the city, the modern design of the structure and the architecture makes this one of the must see buildings of Melbourne. 

The Southbank and Arts Centre is located on the banks of the Yarra River. A culturally rich city houses one of the biggest art center which hosts different festivals all year round. Its most recognizable feature is none other than the theatre which includes the Fairfax Theatre, Hamer Hall, Play house and lastly the State Theatre. 

A gallery that holds 68,000 pieces of art, the National Gallery of Victoria is one of the oldest public art galleries that this city has to offer. Displaying international as well as local art pieces, this gallery has been opened since the year 1968 which was later renovated in 2003. The St. Kilda Road building is an architectural wonder itself which is known for the Great Hall that has a beautiful colored stained glass as its ceiling. The visitors are encouraged to lay down on the floor to witness the beauty of this glass ceiling. In addition to this, the Ian Potter Gallery is also a must see as it features the mysterious Australian history and contemporary mixed media. Do not miss out on the large triptych which is also one of the biggest attractions of the gallery. 

An iconic building that marks the skyline of Melbourne is none other than the Eureka Tower. The skyscraper sparkles and is reaching the sky with its 88 floors. The gold plated windows and golden crown makes it the princess of Melbourne. Visitors can hop to the top and view the whole city from the Edge which is a glass cube that extends 3 meters outward from the building. Another must see is the Block Arcade which is located in the Collins Street. Truly a jewel of the city, this icon is home to mosaic floors and antique shops. 

Experience the exhibitions and talent at the National Gallery of Victoria also known as NGV. An art museum which was founded in 1861, this is one of the oldest structures and public museums in Melbourne. This is your chance to get acquainted with the marine life by visiting over 10,000 aquatic animals at one of the largest aquariums. The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is home to the largest Saltwater Crocodiles and provides interactive adventure. 

The Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building displas a wide collection that depicts the culture of Australia. There are different sides to this museum, one is the interactive and learning experience for the children called the Aboriginal Center. 

Home to over 320 species, the Melbourne Zoo is equipped with the latest technology and state of the art enclosures. Get an insight into the lives of the elephants by experiencing the award winning exhibit called the Trail of the Elephants. 

A cruise on the Yarra River is a must for anyone looking to explore the city and witness some of the most stunning views. 


What are the air operators providing cheap flights to Melbourne from UK?

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap airfares for flights to Melbourne city from the UK are Royal Brunei Airlines, China Southern Airline, China Eastern Airline, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Air China. 


Are there any direct flights from London to Melbourne?

There are no direct flights heading to Melbourne Australia from London as of the latest flight records. 


What is the Average flight time from London to Melbourne?

The average flight time from London to Melbourne is 21hours 10minutes. 


What is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Melbourne Airport, also commonly known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne and is located at a distance of approximately 23 km or 14 miles from Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD).


How to get to the city center from the airport?

Melbourne Airport offers a number of efficient and convenient transport options for reaching Melbourne City. An extensive public bus service is being operated from Terminal 1 of the Airport allowing easy and cheap transport option to the arriving passengers. Passengers seeking transport using these public buses can use their Myki Card. The first time users of Melbourne Airport's public bus service can purchase the Myki Visitor Pack from the SkyBus counter outside terminals 1 or 3. 

The main Airport Shuttle Bus service is being operated by SkyBus offering transport to and from Melbourne Airport. This service is being operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with buses leaving every 10 minutes to and from Southern Cross Station. Tickets for the Skybuses can either be purchased directly from the bus stop upon arrival or can be purchased online from their website. Skybus also offers shuttlebuses from the Southern Cross Station to many hotels within Melbourne city. There are also a number of shuttle buses operating from Melbourne Airport that offer direct transport service to Melbourne's hotels without making any stop at the bus stops. These shuttle buses run from departure Zone L, located at a 10 meter walking distance from the SkyBus departure zone. Two of these shuttlebus companies operate by the name of Starbus and VHA Airport Shuttle.  

Another of the cheapest bus fares are being charged by GreenBus also operating from Melbourne Airport. 

A more expensive option would be getting a taxi. Taxis are readily available outside the ground floor level on all three terminals of the airport. Fares charged should generally be around A$55 and $65. 

Many car rental company offices are also available at Melbourne's Airport. This is a more convenient option if your stay in the city is for an extended period of time. 


How to get around Melbourne?

Melbourne city has extensive and efficient public transport options available making getting around the city very convenient. Some of the main transport options include train, tram, bus or bike.

The main mechanism used to travel on Melbourne's trains, trams and buses is via the Myki Card. These smartcards can be purchased either directly from the city's premium train stations,newsagents, and major CBD tram stops;or online; or from some of the authorized retail outlets located across the city. If your stay in the city is for a shorter time, getting hold of myki Visitor Pack may be an ideal deal. Melbourne also boasts one of the only surviving tram networks in all of Australia making touring the city all the more exciting when using this mode of transport. Trams offer transport directly to Queen Victoria Market, Fitzroy Gardens, Bridge Rd and Major sporting arenas etc. trams are free of charge and take some of the most scenic routes traversing through the city. 

Melbourne also offers a very convenient train system. The central station for all Metlink trains operates from Flinders St. Station. The same met card will also be used to board these trains as the ones used for the buses and trams of Melbourne. 

A quick tour of the city can also be taken via the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle operating from 9:30am to 4:30pm excluding Christmas Day. 

Taxis operating in Melbourne are yellow in colour and usually offer one of the more expensive modes of getting around Melbourne. You can either get onboard a taxi from one of the taxi ranks located at all the major points in the city or can also be hailed from the streets provided it is vacant. 

Many internationally acclaimed Car Rental company offices are also located in the Central Business District of Melbourne. Melbourne is a driver-friendly city and therefore makes renting one's own vehicle a convenient option. 


What are the Hotel and Accommodation options in Melbourne?

Melbourne offers an endless list of great accommodation options guaranteed to suit the varied tastes and budget preferences of all. From indulgent high-end suites boasting great views of the city, to the perfect budget-friendly backpacker accommodations, Melbourne is sure to cater to all. If you are seeking to splurge on your stay, then the city of Melbourne will not leave you disappointed. From luxurious suites in top-class hotels, an array of some of the leading international chain of 5 to 7 star hotels, to the more personalized serviced apartments, Melbourne offers a range of high-end hotels. 

For those seeking a more budget-savvy accommodation options, the city of Melbourne will have plenty to choose from. This category usually includes guesthouses, motels, backpacker hostelsbed and breakfast establishments, caravan parks and home-stays. Facilities will generally include all the modern amenities and facilities. Many of Melbourne's budget accommodations are located in the City Centre and in the seaside suburb of St Kilda.

More useful information about Melbourne
  • Melbourne heads the entire state of Victoria, and is one of the economic powerhouses of the country.
  • Its vast expanse has been divided with numerous districts ranging over suburbs and central business districts.
  • The city has a massive tram network serving most commutation requirements in and around its perimeters.
  • Apart from the main Tullamarine Airport, Avalon Airport is the minor Airport for reaching Melbourne, attending to cheaper flights under domestic airliners.
  • Both Asian and European air operators are active for facilitating flights under bargain deals, varying anything between direct to multi stop flights.
  • Along with economy class, business class flights to Melbourne are also served on a regular basis.
  • Melbourne is the most active Australian city when it comes to sports, hosting international matches as well as local club leagues for rugby, football, and cricket.
  • Professional Horse racing also lists among popular cultures to have a prominent fan following.
  • The weather remains highly volatile to change, with fluctuating temperatures observed around the year.
  • With numerous immigrant communities existent, international cuisines are readily available in central commercial areas.
  • Search amongst our range of Christmas flights to Melbourne and fly to one of Australia’s best to have a memorable Christmas holiday.
  • Meal (three course) for 2, at a mid-range restaurant in Melbourne is approximately £ 47.34.

Handy tips To Know before your departure flight to Melbourne

  • Treat yourself at one of Melbourne's multi-award winning restaurant Attica. The restaurant is definitely worth a dine-in when in the city. You can also get great deals on Tuesday night's Chef's Table. 
  • Care for some delicious wine alongside scrumptiously appetizing Italian bites? Head out to the famed, award-winning Gerald's Bar to indulge in one of the best bars in town. 
  • Gill's Diner is another one of Melbourne's fine restaurants serving authentic and delicious European food that is definitely a must-try for all. 
  • Craving for some Italian? Grossi Florentino offers one of the finest Italian Menus with impeccable service served in the perfectly created ambiance. 

Airlines flying to Melbourne

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