Terms & Conditions for Umrah Packages

Important Note:

Umrah is a physically demanding worship. Our company cannot be held responsible for any special requirements of any pilgrims, unless he/she has informed us about that fact at the time of booking. In order to perform all the rites of Umrah, all the pilgrims should be physically fit and able to walk for more than a mile, if not more.
However, if any pilgrim is not able to fulfill these requirements due to age or some ailment, then he/she should take a wheelchair on the holy journey and a person who can take care of him/her. We strongly recommend that all pilgrims should go through a complete medical checkup and get a certificate from a doctor before booking, especially the elderly.

We advise our values customers that the Holy journey cannot be equated to any regular holiday travel as things don't always happen as planned. Despite of our meticulous efforts and thorough planning, they holy journey of Umrah is not as much simple as your any other holiday or vacation trip.
During the peak season of Umrah, hotel, public services and transport are all pushed to their limits, so we advise you not to expect same experience you are used to in the United Kingdom. The pilgrim crowds can be distressing as they are all living in a small congested area. The holy journey can be really unpredictable and frustrating. So, we advise you to not to lose your patience in such conditions.

Medical Conditions:
We strongly advise you to inform us prior to booking is you have any pre-existing medical conditions. For example asthma, mental issues, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other not visibly apparent medical condition (s). Please Note: Individuals who are suffering from any kind of mental issues are exempt from performing Umrah as there is a possibility that they can harm others and themselves. Before finalizing the booking, it is advisable to consult your doctor if you have any health issues.

We will send you or your travel agent the confirmation invoice upon receiving the completed booking form with at least 50% deposit. Without receiving the confirmation invoice, there is no binding contract between us. This document shows our acceptance of booking in accordance with the contract. The contract between us is subject to English Law and Jurisdiction. The money paid to the agent under or in contemplation of the contract by the customer, will be held by that agent as agent of TravelhouseUK, until the date on which this money is paid to us by the agent.

You have to clear all the balance at least 8 weeks prior to your departure. If you fail to do so, cancellation charges will be charged as we hold the right to treat any contract as cancelled at the time to the date of your departure. So we recommend you to pay 8 weeks prior to the departure or send us an email about cancellation according to section 6 below.

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We cannot be held responsible for any delays in your flight to or from the UK, whether the delay is caused by re-scheduling of flight by the airline, adverse weather conditions, airport authorities and/or air traffic controllers, strike or industrial action, mechanical breakdown or any other reason. However, you may be able to put a claim under the travel insurance policy in certain conditions.

As there are huge crowds of pilgrims visiting holy cities around the year, you may experience long delays on airports, coach transfers and passport offices. In these situations, we cannot accept any responsibility. *It is strongly recommended that pilgrims should take travel insurance before starting their holy journey.

Relevant Information: 
Upon receiving your flight tickets, you must carefully check them and notify us or your travel agent immediately if you find any details inaccurate. If you fail to do so, we are not responsible for any problems which arise due to lack of such communication. Be sure you have fully complied with pilgrimage requirements related to health, such as vaccinations. Although we provide our customers all the necessary religious guides, however, you are responsible for performing Umrah. You must be fully aware of the all rituals of Umrah and how to perform them.

On your holy journey, you should not behave in such a way which can pose distress, annoyance or injury to others or raise a risk of damage or danger to property. In such cases, you may be evicted from your residence and hence we bear no liability to you. There will be no refund of any portion of the cost of your holy journey.

If you or any other part of your group be forced to cancel the contract after receiving the confirmation invoice, you can only communicate this cancellation in written either to the travel agent so they can immediately inform us or notify us if you have made booking directly with us. The written cancellation should be signed by the same person who signed the booking form. The cancellation charges will be applied on the basis of following table:
Number of Days Cancellation Amount

  • 90 days or above 25% of cost or full deposit if greater

  • 60-89 days 50% of cost or full deposit if greater

  • 30-59 days 75% of cost or full deposit if greater

  • 0-29 days 100% of cost or full deposit if greater

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Disclaimer Related to Audio/Video Recording of Pilgrims
When you choose our company for performing Umrah, you may be part of an event in which photography, audio and video recording can occur.
By availing our services, you explicitly give consent to photography, interview(s), audio/video recording and the release, exhibition, publication or reproduction of such content to be used for web casts, news, telecasts, inclusion on websites, promotional purposes, and advertising or for any other purposes which are deemed fit to use by TravelhouseUK, its partners, vendors and/or affiliates.

TravelhouseUK, its employees and officers and any other person involved cannot be held responsible for any responsibility associated with the making, recording, publications of interview(s), computer images, photographs, and video and/or sound recordings.

By availing our services, you have to forego all the rights you have to put any claims for royalties and payment regarding the exhibition, web casting, streaming, web casting or any other method of publication. The purpose or sponsoring of such act is irrelevant. You also have to forego your right of inspecting or approving any video, audio or photo taken by our company or the entity or person authorized by us to do.

We have fully informed you of your waiver of liability, consent and release of material before availing our services.

Flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. However some are not and at time of booking you confirm what protection is applicable. This website is a part of Moresand Ltd (registration no. 02114691) T/A Travelhouseuk registered in England and wales . Office , 10-11 Percy St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DN. All bookings protected under the ATOL scheme will receive an ATOL certificate. In cases where a part payment is made that flight booking is ATOL protected. In some cases a certificate does not indicate all the trip segments - this means the omitted parts are not ATOL protected). Please refer to our booking conditions for further information please visit www.atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate