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Qantas Airways is a flag carrier of Australia with its main hub at the Sydney Airport. It is one of Australia's largest and most renowned airlines. This airline was founded in the 1920s and has evolved since then to a first class prestigious airline.


Qantas Headquarters is located at the Qantas Center which is in the Mascot suburb of the city of Botany Bay with the main hubs being the Sidney and Melbourne Airport.


Qantas Airways has made this part of the process much simpler than ever before. As now it has an online-check in service which avoids the hassle of standing in queues and coming early. There are many ways that you can do this mainly from online-check in, use check in Kiosk which is very handy or check in through your mobile. This facility can be availed at all Qantas International flights and also you can select whichever seat you want 24 hours to 2 hours prior to your departure.

However you should make sure that you bring along with you to the airport a printed copy of the Boarding Pass and your Qantas Reference number. You can also use the Faster, Smarter Check in service at the airport which is especially for those who require a quick check-in.


Qantas Airways now offers you the opportunity to select the seat of your choice 24 hours before your departure and before you even get to the airport. This is done through an online check in which is absolutely free of charge. In case you haven’t selected the Advanced Seat Selection then you can take advantage of the online check in or the check in Kiosks which should be done 24 to 2 hours before an international flight while it should be at least 1 hour before a domestic flight.


The legroom space also depends on the type of class that you are travelling in. the economy class is provided with a legroom space of 31 to 32 inches while the business class is provided with 48 to 50. The first class on the other hand is provided with 78 inches of legroom space.


Checked: The amount of baggage that you can check in depends on a number of factors including your cabin class, itinerary or whether you have a Qantas Club membership or are apart of the Qantas Frequent Flyers.

It should be noted that if you're travelling by the economy class that it allows a maximum of 1 piece that is 23 kgs while the Business class is allowed 2 pieces that is a maximum of 32kgs. While the Qantas Club members and Silver Frequent Flyers if they're travelling by economy class then they are allowed a maximum of 32kgs however for 1 piece and if in business class then also 32kgs with 2 pieces.

Hand carry Luggage: All classes are allowed to carry with them a maximum of 7kgs or 15lb per piece. In addition to the head-carry baggage you are also allowed to carry on board one small item for example a handbag, a laptop, small camera, overcoat or a small amount of duty free goods.

Excess Luggage: if any item exceeds the maximum weight of 32kgs then it would be charged however in case you have a pre-purchased additional baggage allowance then only $35 would be charged per piece for international flights that is between Australia and all other countries.

Pet Carrier: Due to the fact that pets are important and a part of your family hence Qantas Airways provides you the comfort of travelling with them with the utmost ease. It should be noted that pets would be sent as freight and as the number of pet containers are limited one should check the availability before travel. There are many flights especially those that are on the weekends or early morning that do not provide this service. If you have a booking then you are advised to contact the Qantas Office and confirm your pet’s arrangements immediately.


Qantas Airways proudly provides you with the best of the entertainment world. With the variety of entertainment facilities, it will be a journey that will not leave you bored for a second. It provides the latest movies, CD albums and television shows. Catch up with your favorite show and relax with Qantas Airways as it will provide you with facilities, blockbusters and your favorite TV shows and keep your thoroughly entertained. You can also search for the movies that will be playing during your flight by visiting their website. However it should be noted that the entertainment facilities are subject to change according to the type of aircraft you are travelling with. The longer routes and flights would offer a large range of entertainment options.

With flawless service and award winning dinning, Qantas Airways provides you with mouthwatering and out of the oven hot cuisines. Although the menu may differ for the various classes the quality is still maintained. For the first class there are 12 main courses and a variety of top notch wines available for the prestigious customers to choose from. The international business class is all about flexibility and hence it offers the customer with a menu that is all about you. The premium economy and the international economy class are not far behind as well as they are offered a pre-take off sparkling wine and with mouthwatering cuisines to choose from. You can also choose out of the variety of snacks continuously throughout the flight.


It should be noted that Qantas Airways will charge for any changes to bookings or passenger details. For any questions or queries feel free to contact the airline directly or contact your travel agent.

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