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Emirates - Flight Routes and Traveller Information

Emirates is your trusted airline which connects you to countless destinations around the world. The winner of several airline service awards, Emirates Airlines goes to great lengths in improving the flight experience of their passengers. With amazing lounges and exceptional onboard service, Emirates have earned customer loyalty of passengers from around the world. With its easy to use website and facility of discounts on air miles, Emirates is improving the value of money that it offers to its passengers every day. Here are five top reasons why you should be choosing Emirates.

Five Reasons to Travel with Emirates:

Baggage Allowance Emirates allow you to carry 20 KG of luggage free of cost on the economy ticket. If your luggage exceeds this weight only then you need to pay luggage charges otherwise you can carry this much amount of luggage absolutely free. Emirates ensures that your luggage is managed and transported in the most safe and efficient manner. You can collect your luggage from the luggage claim belt easily by showing your luggage sticker.

Hand Luggage:
One bag is allowed and the weight of the hang luggage should not exceed 7 KG.

Checked in Luggage:
It varies with the route with economy class having a limit of 20 KGs, Business Class 30 KGs and first class can carry up to 40 KGs.

Additional 5 KGs can cost up to pound 100.

Seating You can choose your seating plan yourself easily online. The seating plan open right 24 hours before your flight time and you can choose the seat of your choice without any problem online. Whether you want to sit in the middle or you want a window seat is entirely your choice.

Booking Fees You can pay online easily to book your tickets. You can also cancel your tickets and reschedule them but for that Emirates charge you a small fee.

Meals And Snacks Emirates offer excellent food onboard. The cabin crew is very dedicated and friendly and ensures that they provide excellent service. The food served is delicious and healthy. You get to choose from a menu. Careful consideration is given to the needs of the guest about their veg and non-veg preferences. You are also served coffee, tea and drinks of your choice all through your flight.

In-Flight Entertainment Emirates offer excellent on flight entertainments. There is a personal screen to each seat which allows you to watch movies and seasons of your choice in various languages. You can also listen to songs and music. With the USB port you can charge your cell phones and tablets. There is a reading beam light which allows you to read without disturbing any other passenger.

With all these amazing services and dedicated staff emirates ensure that their customers get the best service imaginable.

Emirates Airlines is the largest airline of United Arab Emirates operating from its hub, the commercial capital city of Dubai. Emirates is one the leading international airlines in possession of over 400 awards for the airline's unique blend of unparalleled services, quality travel, luxury and extravagance. The airline prides in commencing over 2,500 flights per week to 122 cities in 74 countries across six continents.

Emirates Airlines is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group owned entirely by the government of Dubai. The airline is also one of the leading and enthusiastic sponsors of sports globally.


Emirates is headquartered in Dubai with Dubai International Airport being the airline's main hub.


Emirates offer you a number of ways to check-in for your flight for you own comfort and convenience.

Online or check-in through your internet-enabled mobile device facilities are available for all Emirates flights from up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight and closing 90 minutes prior to your departure time. This service enables you to avoid any hassle at the airport, book your preferred seat online and print your boarding pass before reaching the airport or get an e-boarding pass on your mobile.

The airline also offers you several check-in desks at the airport, with experienced and hospitable staff available for your guidance. Emirates offer several check-in counters for every fare class, enabling quick and easy check-in facility.

You will also find self-service check-in facilities that include Standalone kiosks and Integrated counters with baggage belts attached, enabling you to check-in without having to queue at the check-in counters.


Emirates allow you to book your preferred seat at the time of your booking free of charge. This can be done via booking your flight online or through your travel agent.


The seat pitch for an Economy Class is 32-34 inches, Business 48-58 inches and for First Class 61-71 inches.


Checked Baggage: Emirates baggage allowance, free of charge, is dependent upon the class of travel, the route of travel and Skywards membership tier. The airline provides a baggage calculator on their website which allows you to easily calculate how much baggage is permitted according to your class of travel and the route you're taking. This can be ascertained by a few easy entries.

Passengers with disabilities or those carrying sporting equipment are eligible to carry extra baggage.

Cabin Baggage Allowance: your cabin baggage allowance is dependent upon the service class you're travelling.

For passengers flying with Economy Class, one hand bag not exceeding a maximum weight of 7 kgs and dimensions measuring 22 x 15 x 8 inches (55 x 38 x 20cm) is permitted.

For passengers flying with Business and First Class, two hand bags are allowed not exceeding a total weight of 12kgs, along with a briefcase not exceeding measurements of 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20cm), garment bag not more than 8 inches, are permitted.

Extra Luggage: any excess luggage will have to be paid for. This can be done online meriting a 20% discount. Paying for extra baggage at the airport will cost £25 per kg.


Emirates prides in offering world class inflight services called ice- information, communication and entertainment. Stay in touch with what's happening around the globe with the latest of BBC news and headlines, or communicate via phone, SMS or an email with your loved ones or colleagues, or keep yourself thoroughly entertained with a list of some of the blockbuster movies, your favorite TV shows, the latest of songs and a lot more, all this and a lot more is offered by Emirates.

Grab a copy of Open Skies, the airline's inflight magazine, covering on all the latest trends, fashion, culture and a lot more.

Emirates also prides in offering scrumptious meals and appetizing snacks on all its flights. The meals are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients by some of the top chefs around the globe. Special meals keeping in mind dietary or religious requirements can also be compensated for if notified at the time of your booking.


For any change regarding your flight booking contact your travel consultant and he will further facilitate your query

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