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British Airways is one of the Britain's and world most renowned and trust airline service. British Airways goes to great lengths in ensuring the comfort of their passengers. From ticketing to boarding, British Airways ensures that it allows convenience and ease to its valued customers. With flight operations around the world, British Airways ensures that it connects the world into a global village.
Whether you are travelling within United Kingdom or to the rest of the world, British Airway is one of the top choices available to you. Here are five top advantages that you will get to avail by travelling through this amazing flagship airline.

Five Reasons to Travel with British Airways:

Baggage Allowance British Airways allows the service of baggage allowance. There is a weight of baggage that you can carry free of cost. This amount/weight is mentioned on your ticket itinerary. If your luggage is over-weight, you can pay extra to take the luggage with you. So you don't need to worry about leaving your extra luggage back at the airport because British Airways will enable you to carry the extra luggage after you have paid the allowance.

Hand Luggage: passengers are allowed to carry a standard cabin sized bag and a laptop bag or handbag. The items should not exceed seven KG and should fix in the seat cabin.

Checked: The checked luggage should not exceed 23 KGs.

Excess: If there is excess luggage then the passengers need to pay to carry it with them. A bag weighing between 23 KG to 32 KG will cost a fee of Pound 40. Extra baggage charges are waived for Gold and Silver Executive members.

Seating British Airways allows you to choose your seating plan after you have booked your tickets. You can choose your seats easily online, without any hassle.

Booking Fees British Airways allow you to make and change your booking and flight dates online with a very minimal fee. You can easily book or cancel your flight, buy tickets, reschedule your tickets and choose your flight class online.

Meals And Snacks Enjoy delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner on your flights. The carefully selected menu ensures that the food is delicious and healthy. Cabin crew serves tea, coffee and drinks during the flight so that the passengers can relax all through their flight.

In-Flight Entertainment In-flight entertainment is amazing when you are travelling with this wonderful airline. Enjoy the comfortable seats and cheerful cabin crew who are always there to help you and make your flight experience extraordinary. Front screens allow you to enjoy movies, seasons and songs as you take your long flights. You can recline your seats and sleep for a while or you can set your reading light on and enjoy your most favorite book onboard.

British Airways is Britain's flag-carrying airline that has over the years established its name based on quality travel and hospitable environment for passengers of all ages, since it was founded onMarch 31, 1974. Its main hub is London Heathrow from where it flies to more than 400 destinations. It holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority "Type A" Operating License. British Airways is a member of the oneworld alliance and partners with American Airlines and Iberia on Europe-US flights.

More than 40 million passengers fly with this prestigious airline each year owing to its passenger-friendly environment, great services and flawless quality of travel with its experienced staff and crew. The airline takes care of all your needs for a guaranteed spectacular flight.


British Airway's headquarters are located at Waterside near the main center London Heathrow while its second center is the Gatwick Airport.


British Airways prefers you to check in at their website and print out your boarding pass to allow you to save time, or through your internet enabled mobile phone or through check-in kiosks at the airports. Make sure you check in well before your departure time as the check-in desks closes 45 minutes before the flight takes off at London Heathrow and at Gatwick Airport. Time well inorder to avoid long queues at the desks to save you time.


British Airways allows you to book your seat according to your preference 24 hours before your departure time either at the time of your booking or later by logging on to and clicking "manage my booking" option for free. You can book your preferred seating arrangement as soon as check-in opens.
British Airways prides itself in providing special assistance in helping you find appropriate seating arrangements for people with disabilities, for children travelling alone and for travelling groups of more than 9 people.


Seat pitch for the economy class is 79cm (31in), while it is 96cm (38in) for Premium Economy, 185cm (73in) for Business Class and 198cm (78in) for First Class.


  • Hand Baggage: British Airways allows you to carry a generous free checked baggage that should be easily fitted into the overhead cabins of the aircraft. Allowable hand baggage includes one bag and one laptop-sized bag, handbag or briefcase for adults and children over 2 years of ageapproximating weight of 23kgs. Only one bag is allowed for infants (under 2 years of age) with the essential items for the baby.

  • Checked Baggage: British Airways assigns you a free allowable weight according to your class and the type of ticket you book. Any extra baggage needs to be paid for, either online or at the airport. Online paying for extra luggage is cheaper as compared to paying at the airport. Free baggage allowance is for all flights except to/from Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and connecting journeys between India and USA/Bermuda/Canada. For adults and children above 12 years of age, three bags are allowed each of weight 32 kgs for the FirstClub WorldBiz Bed(Business) class. For the Club Europe(Business) class 2 bags are allowed each of weight 32kgs. For the remaining World Traveler PlusPrem Plus(Premium Economy) and World Traveler Y class(full-fare Economy) 2 bags are allowed each of weight 23 kgs. For the domestic economy class, one bag of 23 kgs is allowed.

  • Extra Luggage: for any extra luggage beyond the free allowable weight, you will have to pay in advance by logging on to This will be comparatively a lot cheaper paying online than paying at the airport for your extra luggage.

  • Prohibited Items: All such items posing danger to the health, security or well-being of human beings or the environment are banned or restricted by British Airways. Please log on to for further details regarding banned and restricted items.

  • PETS POLICY: Pets are allowed in British Airways World Cargoin the aircraft holding area and are not allowed in the cabin of the aircraft. Only service animals like guide dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin area of the aircraft. You will need to confirm the booking of your pet travelling with British Airways maximum 14 days and minimum 3 days prior to travel. You are required to carry your pet's health certificate, vaccination forms, and also carry them in containers that are large enough for them to move around in and with ample space for their food and water containers.


British Airways prides itself in offering some of the best meals prepared by the BA Taste Team that selects your meal from over 300 dishes to satisfy your taste buds. BA also makes arrangements for those with special dietary requirements if notified well in advance.
The BA aircraft also offers a 26cm (10.4 inch) personal flat-screen airing some of the top movies, TV shows, games, audio books, music and radio options to keep you thoroughly entertained throughout your flight.


British Airways allows you to change details regarding the date and time of your flight if a booking has already been made with the airline. The airline may charge for any allowable changes that are to be made.

The Airline will also charge for any correctional errors that have been made with regards to the name's spelling, or any other serious error. However, change of passenger name is not allowed due to strict security reasons that are essential for the safety of all passengers.

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