Why Visit the Charming Australia?

Posted on May 4, 2011 Posted by Nazish Pavon

Movies like “Jaws” tells them about great white sharks lurking in its calm coastal waters, Discovery channel tells them of the deadly snakes and spiders in its vast deserts, but travelers around the world never cease dreaming about a vacation in Australia. And they have a pretty good reason for it too. From the relaxing white beaches of Western Australia to the humbling vast landscape of its center; from the solitude in the millions of years old Tasmanian forest to the seductive lifestyle of Sydney, Australia has everything it needs to grasp the imagination of a visitor.

As a visitor in Australia, you may find two kind of locals, one can be classified as “Urban Nomads” always looking to flee from their cities to the huge” Outback”, the vast centre of the country. If you want to be like them, the thing that you need to keep in mind is that there will be places where you will be cut off from all of the civilization. That no Cell phones, no e-mails and no landlines, may be disturbing for some, but outback has its own great flavors to offer. You can bushwalk, drive or ride a camel across the rolling sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, See koalas, sugar gliders and other marvelous creatures that you will only find in Australia, Visit the edge of Kings Canyon for stunning views across the Watarrka National Park or Learn about the ancient culture and lifestyle of Aboriginals in your two-hour Mpaara Walk.

Then there are the second type of Australians, who are more of the “amphibious” type, they like to spend as much of the time in the sea or under it as on the land. You can learn to surf with local experts who are always eager to help, take a morning walk along Cape Byron Walking Track in Byron Bay, New South Wales or go to Whitsundays with its 74 beautiful islands tucked inside the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. You can enjoy the solitude of beaches on the breath-taking Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania; the most famous is Wineglass Bay. Dive, snorkel or hit the surf in the waters of Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Australia’s cities also offer a great chance to observe the country’s culture in their museums, theatres, festivals and galleries. Melbourne is the center of the culture; you will be impressed by Melbourne’s ordered city streets and what they have to offer, ranging from its designer boutiques to mouth–watering cuisine of its restaurants. Sydney has its own flavor with its priceless view of its harbor and an appealing night life. All of the Australian cities have something of their own to offer to the visitor. Main cities are Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

So if you want an adventure tour to the wild, far away from the everyday routine life, or if you like the thrill of diving in deep sea full of exotic marine life, or if you are just thinking about a quiet and lazy vacation to lay on the white beaches, Australia is the place to go to. So pack your stuff and get a direct flight to Australia and head where attractions don’t end.

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