The Attractive Kinabalu National Park, Borneo

Posted on December 15, 2011 Posted by Eric

The east Malaysia’s capital city- Kota Kinabalu doesn’t really personify Borneo but features a number of Sabahan’s superlative sights. Most visitors head up to Malaysia and grab cheap flights to Borneo to view the breathtaking site of Mount Kinabalu. KK houses plenty of stilt villages and attractive coastal towns that are genuinely worth-visiting. Before you aim for the summit, do spend a night in Kota Kinabalu.

The Kinabalu National Park is situated in northwest Sabah that features the 4095-metre Mount Kinabalu (Southeast Asia’s highest peak) and has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the home to world’s largest agglomeration of flora and fauna and the tour across its landscape is truly a sure-fire adventure challenge for intrepid climbers.

Mount Kinabalu is the region’s top tourist draw that towers over the island, amidst puffy cotton wool clouds and lies in the heart of sprawling 754sqkm Kinabalu National Park. Ascending and descending this sky scrapping summit is not an easy job but depending on fitness level and weather conditions, you can have the ultimate excursion of your lives. The spectacular vistas of the sun rising over the horizon at the peak will defiantly leave you in awe. The top is usually enshrouded in early morning fog but in clear days you can view Philippines at a distance. The park is a botanical paradise that houses a variety of dipterocarp species and also plenty of lush green vegetation.

Known to be the haven of world’s largest variety of carnivorous, nepenthes pitcher plants, it grabs the attention of thousands of researchers and travellers. The surrounding area is also worth-exploring that is popular for Ranau night market and Kundasang War Memorial. Once you have reached the top, soak in the Poring Hot Springs to relax and sooth your muscles. This man-made attraction is set in the jungle is surrounded by natural leafy greenery and features steaming sulphurous waters, tubs and concrete pools.

The peak was 1st climbed by Sir Hugh Low, the British colonial secretary in 1851- still it is considered to be an adrenaline rush-inducing experience. You can also access the huge granite dome from the headquarters of the park. It will take about 2-3 days to carry out this heart-pounding adventure and you can opt for various trails, leading up to the summit – the more challenging Mesilau Trail and the easier Timpohon Trail. The nearby Poring Hot Springs will ease your aching muscles, once you are over with your excursion. The park is truly a Borneo botanical jewel that houses more than 26 species of rhododendrons and 1,200 species of orchids.

Accommodation options are available within the boundary of the park but we recommend you to make advance booking. A shuttle service from Wisma Sabah, Magellan Sutera and Pacific Sutera will help you to reach the park and you can also hit the site with taxis. So get ready and pack up your belongings for having the most memorable and the adventurous trip of your life.

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