Nairobi Offers a Relaxing Treat at its Brilliant Intercontinental Hotel

Posted on November 21, 2011 Posted by Hira Junaid

One could think of a million reasons to visit Kenya. This vibrant country lies on the equator in East Africa and represents it at its best. Also very popularly known as the ‘Republic of Kenya’, it remains to be a divine tourist destination as it not only provides a wide variety of attractions but also is enriched with an impressively rich culture that is admired by the world at large. Most of the tourist attractions are related to the superb nature and the most outstanding wildlife that is unique to this part of the world. This vibrant country experiences a vast influx of tourists especially during the annual migration season where a variety of animals are seen travelling in packs from one place another thus attracting safari enthusiasts from all around the globe. For you to be one of the lucky one to experience this enriching ritual, we’re booking cheap flights to Kenya for a trip that you are never going to forget.

It’s not just a paradise for all the animal and nature lovers, Kenya has a lot to offer. From an inspiring culture, an enriching environment, friendly people, interesting visits to the equator and adventurous explorations of mountains and valleys, such a diverse destination is sure to be very entertaining for you and your family. But the question remains, when you decide to come to the glorious land of Kenya for your dream vacation, where do you plan on staying? We have it all planned out for you and therefore present to you Kenya’s most dynamic hotel. It is none other than the brilliant ‘InterContinental Nairobi Hotel’.

Recognized as an impressive symbol within the city of Nairobi, this magnificent five star hotel has continued to impress millions over the short time span since its creation. Boasting off a total of 376 rooms that are always fully equipped, neat, tidy and very welcoming, this grand hotel provides its lucky visitors with something special each time. You can’t possibly feel uncomfortable in rooms that have just about everything, from climate control, ironing board,satellite television, radio, wireless internet, direct dial phone, in-room safe and even a mini bar and desk, you are guaranteed to feel very well looked after rather pampered. In addition to this, the staffs are very friendly and accommodating and you feel like you’re just at home, only in a different location with perhaps a more relaxed environment.

The Intercontinental Nairobi Hotel has not only been the hub of comfort and convenience for business travelers who find it located very close to most important business centres but is also ideal for a quality family vacation or individuals who have come to unwind and explore the beauties of Africa. It also offers some tantalizing snacks at any one of its restaurants. There is an impressive Mediterranean cuisine, an International restaurant on the pool terrace providing a breath taking view, a snack-a-licious café and an exotic bar all of which prioritize to make your taste buds jump with joy. You are sure to find the food quality and variety unique and fascinating. Other entertaining facilities such as a soothing spa, a refreshing fitness club, a beauty salon, some small shops, an extremely fun casino and safari tours are all available only to keep you entertained and busy throughout your trip.

If such is the trip you want, to help you unwind and release all your worries and tensions then a stay at the marvellous Intercontinental Nairobi Hotel is absolutely essential. It guarantees soothe your nerves, invigorate your senses and make you feel completely alive. So what are you waiting for? Book your cheap flight from the UK to Nairobi now so you could get a taste of luxury and comfort at its best.

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