Cape Town: A Place that helps to reconnect with your Wild side

Posted on April 20, 2013 Posted by Maryam Ali

If you are feeling bound to work and tired of the monotonous work routine then it is time you step on to the wild side. Travel House UK provides you with cheap bargain deals that provide you with the opportunity to feel free and pampered to the core. With stunning sandy beaches and several adventurous journeys to embark upon, Cape Town will become your favorite place in the whole world in no time. Make the most of your holidays and choose the best location by choosing Cape Town as your perfect getaway so do not procrastinate and book your cheapest flights to Cape Town now to indulge in an unforgettable expedition of the outdoors.

This destination encourages you to dream big and live to the fullest as one is challenged to take on extreme sporting activities. Practice living on the edge and the only way to do this is to book your cheap air tickets to South Africa first. Nothing comes cheap or easy however your dream vacation is! So make the most of it and hop on to the next flight out because you truly deserve a few nights of harmless fun and some days of pure tranquility relaxing on the beach and not worrying about a care in the world.

The activities range from abseiling, paragliding, bungee jumping and sky diving so choose the activity that fits your personality best and make the most of these once in a lifetime deals. If you cannot simply decide on what to do then try them all as this is the best way to drown your sorrows and feel energized and refreshed like never before. Here is a list of places and activities one has to indulge in as without them your trip would be lacking a major chunk of goodness of Cape Town.

Boulders Beach Penguins

Out of all the fabulous and stunning beaches of Cape Town, Boulders Beach stands out and is one of a kind. It takes its name from the boulders that surround it and adds more beauty to the beach in addition to the protection from the harsh winds. The beach is a favorite amongst many including the tourists, and this is not only because of the splendid views or the crystal clear waters, but because it is home to unique penguins that are a must see.

Head over to Cape Town to get acquainted with the African Penguins and indulge in an experience unlike any other. Relax underneath the soaring sun and give your tired muscles a vacation as well. kick back your working shoes and put on those beach slippers and head over to the Boulders Beach.

Cape Town Shopping Experience

Cape Town provides you with countless places to browse through and find all the things that you have been looking for. This is your chance to experience shopping of every kind, from elegant malls to flea markets, Cape Town has it all. Those who are looking to satisfy their shopping fix should head over to Victoria Wharf as this is one of the most visited mall in Cape Town.

Table Mountain

It is time to go sightseeing and explore the mysterious Cape Town as this is a destination that is not short on spectacular landmarks. Table Mountain is one of the attractions that should not be missed and cannot be missed out on as the beautiful mountain stands erect with its base firmly within the Table Mountain National Park and it leaves a magical and powerful impression on all those who have been lucky enough to visit. What better way to reconnect with nature than by hiking up the majestic mountain.

Maryam Ali is doing her undergrad while also loves to write about her travel experiences. Travelling has always been her dream which she is living precariously through her writings. In about 700 words she gets to explore a whole new world whether it is in the sizzling hot deserts of the Middle East or the warm and calming sounds of the ocean waves, every destination has inspired her and we hope it does the same for you.

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