Can a Holiday Trip to Abuja Be Fun?

Posted on July 29, 2011 Posted by Anam Perzada

Had it been some other African city than Abuja, keeping in mind visitors’ personality would have been an imperative condition in determining the place’s entertainment potential. However, since its Abuja that stands for the challenge, it wouldn’t be unsafe to declare the city as one of the largest entertainment platform that anyone is likely to find in Africa.

Abuja, the blossoming capital of Nigeria is gemmed with attractions belonging to three most indispensible areas of tourism; cultural, natural and man-made. The city is blessed with the finest landscape, glittering flows of water and a myriad of breath taking sites. Adding to the city’s ecstasy is its contemporary infrastructure. The City of Abuja is known for its economic prosperity and hence visitors can expect to be welcomed by tall buildings, five star hotels, chic cafes and a comfortable blend of weathers.

The Millennium Park Abuja Nigeria

From spells of heavy down pour to smiling sun shines, the city of Abuja would surely delight you with its mischievous weather. Here are a few of the many attractions that would indeed leave you ravished once you book cheap flights to Abuja and visit them. Especially if you’re planning to stay in the city a little longer, this info might come in quite handy.

The Hash House Harriers Run/Walk:

This is probably the best place to meet foreigners in Abuja. A very innovatively interesting place, the Hash is basically a run or brisk walk track connecting various points throughout Abuja. The place is open for such a healthy activity that has become more of a custom in Abuja. Apart from a bright opportunity to meet all the expatriates, Hash House Harriers is great value for your money. Within $ 7 you’re likely to be treated with all the beer and beef that you can possibly consume after the run in the form of a delectable dinner.

The Dome:

If you’re booking cheap flights to Abuja with family and kids, the city welcomes you with one of its most auspicious newly developed areas; a place for hours of pure entertainment. The Dome is the first ever bowling alley in the area. Although the place took a bit longer to be a part of the city’s exhilarating attractions, it sure was worth the wait. Along with one of the most contemporarily designed Bowling Alley, the Dome offers separate lounges for pool games, video games for kids and a number of chic restaurants that offer a truly pleasurable sitting under and elegant environment. the place is an amazing option for a family day out or also for relaxing with friends over pool or bowling games.

Grand Square Supermarket:

If you want to enjoy the most delicious taste in Abuja, head off to the Grand Supermarket, the newly established French owned place that offers the best French bread outside Paris. Moreover, the place is also known for serving the best Ice Cream in town. A bit thickly priced though, the Grand Square Supermarket serves some of the fine delicacies in Abuja.

The best African Outdoor Place near Kaduna:

This place that corners itself on the way from Abuja to Kano is a magnificent rest place. Although, you would seldom see it too crowded with tourists and expats, the place offers an absolutely serene environment for tourists to rest and unwind while they also enjoy a delectably alluring meal. Some of the best delicacies offered here include roasted chicken, heavenly meat dishes and great juices.

Zuma Rock Abuja Nigeria

There is another thing that is managed exceptionally well by this cozy spot (and you would certainly be glad to know this); hygienic washrooms! The place is located on the Zaria road, once you’ve passed Kadua, only 10 km from Kaduna’s market just before the old Tollgate. It’s an absolute pleasure to be at this place.

The list of such marvelous sites could go on for as long as memories of an exceptional experience in Abuja come rushing in. however, a few must-visits for you once you book cheap tickets to Nigeria include the Bush Park and Life Camps, the marvel of Zuma Rock in Suleja, the Durbar in Kano and a whole range more.

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