The Gleaming Nightlife of KLCC

Posted on December 21, 2011 Posted by Eric

KLCC always depicts the picture of a financial and trading hub during the day time but as soon as the light fades away, it transforms into the magical land of unlimited fun and endless pleasures. Its sparkling and shining nightlife is one of the major reasons, why so many people grab cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur, the enigmatic and charismatic ambiance is at its extreme, after evening. Very famous as the hotbed of nocturnal activities and after-dark fun, it features plenty of pubs, bars and clubs that are scattered all over the region and appeal to thousands of travelers. The main and recommended areas that are speckled with such ritzy and pulsating spots are of Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ampang and Jalan P. Ramlee.

7ateNine is one of its best-loved and worth-visiting spot that also been presented with award of ‘Chill Out Bar of the Year’, by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards. Its classy white and luxurious interior is the most ideal one for socializing activities and compels thousands of tourists to come and explore its magic. Aloha Club. Bistro & VIP Lounge is another bewitching area that features a strong Hawaiian concept and covers the land area of almost 30,000 square feet; including an exclusive VIP Lounge, a bistro and a dance club. Bar Ibiza & Bar Uno is also magnificent and wonderful that was also called as Modesto’s bar. It features pumping beats and vibrant hues, reminiscent of the nightclub scene. In its close vicinity, there lies Bar Uno that is very much vibrant themed nights, drinks promotions and live bands.

Club de Macau is another exclusive settlements that feature luxurious surroundings and large KTV rooms that can easily accommodate more than 30 people. There is a wide agglomeration of English, Korean, Japanese and Canto-pop songs, you can select from. Quattro Club is a unique all-in-one establishment of KLCC that is situated in on the ground floor of Avenue K. Divided and is categorized by 4 distinctive segments, a restaurant, a lounge, a club and a bar.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Sultan Lounge that shines with contemporary design and chic and elegant ambiance. You will be extremely enthralled to be entertained at an unforgettable party venue with a vibrant mix of music resident deejays and clubbers, filling the air with the hottest club anthems.

Within TwelveSi are two of the city’s most happening and flamboyant party venues- Barfly and Atmosphere. Justifying the name the former one caters more to the younger crowd with one foosball, three pool tables and five plasma television where as the later one is one huge boom box with thumping music that features many large-scale events. You should also visit Espanda , Finnegan’s Irish-pub , Hard Rock Cafe, Luna Bar, Nouvo, Ruums, Beach Club Cafe, Oblique Club, The Poppy Collection, Passion, Retro Club, Rum Jungle, Quattro Club, Sky Bar, Zouk and many others. So get ready and pack up your belongings for having the most memorable and ultimate time of your lives in KLCC.

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