The Bewitching Beaches and Islands of Sabah, Borneo

Posted on December 23, 2011 Posted by Eric

The 72,500sqkm Sabah is a fertile region of Borneo that is located in the typhoon belt. Very popular as ‘Land below the Wind’, this rugged terrain attracts plenty of people and forces them to grab cheap flights to Borneo to explore the dizzy heights, green paddy fields and swampy, mangrove-tangled coastal areas of the Crocker Mountain Range. The greatest attraction is its white pristine sandy beaches and a number of picturesque islands that all are encircled with jaw-dropping unfettered natural sceneries. The list is very long but some of the best-loved and recommended ones are described as below.

The eastern and western coastlines boast of an astounding array of beautiful islands that serve to be the diver’s paradise. The water is abundant with marine and coral life so it is known to be the fantastic destination for all those who are in search of entertaining and thrilling water sports. The Tanjung Aru beach is one of its tranquil stretches of sand which is speckled with casuarina trees and is situated 6 kilometres away from Kota Kinabalu. The beach affords a spectacular view of the sun burning into the background, in the evening and it feels that the sky has been painted with red colour.

There are plenty of restaurants featuring a delicious variety of sea food; you can tickle your taste buds with. Pulau Kapalai is another stunning area that is hidden between Mabul and Sipadan. It is actually a sand bar that is perched upon the ‘Ligitan Reefs’. Lankayan Island, located in the Sulu Sea, in the north western part of Sandakan is a true beauty which is very popular as the small piece of paradise. Dotted with casuarina trees, white sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets, it appeals to thousands. The most common marine animals are giant groupers, marbled stingrays and leopard sharks.

The Layang Layang Islands are also worth-visiting that are named after swallows and are artificial. It is an atoll that lies on the land area of more than 300 kilometres in the north western region of Kota Kinabalu. It is an adorable place for all those who are craving absolute isolation, away from the vibrancy of life. The water us abundant with coral fish, rays and sharks and you may even get the chance to see whales and dolphins.

Don’t miss the chance to head towards Mabul Island that has gained its own recognition over the years as a prime snorkelling and diving destination. It houses a huge variety of marine life from cuttlefish and squids to octopus and crabs. Mantanani is another mesmerizing area that is actually an archipelago of three quiet islands that offer a complete seclusion and tranquilly. There are 3 ship wrecks that you would definitely love to explore and the marine life consists of lion fish, eels, octopuses, gobies, shrimps and seahorses. Other magical islands are Pulau Mataking and Sipadan Island that also provide a number of pleasurable thrilling water activities and also the most enchanting sightseeing opportunities.

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