Starry Skies and Crystal Clear Water at the Beaches in Goa

Posted on November 12, 2011 Posted by Fawad Ahmed

When you think of India, the first thing that comes to your mind is that of a splendid blend of colors, excitement, fun activities, delicious foods and a rich culture. And that is exactly what it provides. Moving a step ahead is the city of Goa which is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations and is also very popular for being one of the most ‘beautiful’ attractions in the world. It is an ideal location for just about everything, if you’re planning a honeymoon or a quiet escape for yourself or looking forward to spend some quality time with your family or friends, Goa seems to be the perfect place. We know it and that is why we’re offering cheap flights to Goa for a vacation you are likely to remember forever.

Goa is one city in India that offers everything starting from spectacular beaches, unimaginable serenity, memorizing historical monuments and a lot of fun water sports; no one could possibly get bored but instead the entire vacation could be spent exploring the exciting treasure that Goa has to offer. Being an ideal abode for a fantastic holiday vacation with the entire family, you could expect your senses being rejuvenated and your mind relaxing amidst the peace and tranquility.

One of Goa’s finest tourist attractions is that of the beaches. With the beaches reflecting a colorful mosaic of Indo-Portuguese rich architecture, culture and history, the perfect blend of a relaxing lifestyle, an ideal weather and panoramic views, many tourists and visitors to the beaches appear to be in complete awe. As you feel the soft, warm sand beneath your feet, overlooking the crystal clear water, not only do you feel your nerves relaxing but also a feeling of being at peace with the universe is inevitable.

Goa, known widely for being a heaven of scenic charm, is placed marvelously between the glorious seas and lush green forested hills. Offering a unique view of swaying coconut palms, amazingly fresh and scrumptious sea food and glistening sands, who wouldn’t want to spend time at this heavenly abode? It is guaranteed that a trip to this paradise on earth would add quite a few memories to your life and photo albums.

You need not worry about any sort of congestion at the beaches as the several beaches at Goa warmly welcomes and caters very efficiently to its tourists and visitors who feel rather pampered. Some of these beaches are the Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Colva Beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, and the Bogmalo Beach. Each beach offers a different experience so if you’ve planned on a long vacation and love beaches, then a trip to each one would be worth it. But if you’re short of time, then you could try to fit in as many beaches as possible. It is a promise that you would enjoy each one of the beaches in a different manner.

Goa and its beaches are very popular for honeymoons or romantic getaways with your loved one because of the serene environment and romantic ambiance. Indulge yourself in a great meal by the sea side under the starry sky as you listen to the calm waves. Such a moment would definitely be worth a lifetime of experiences and something you would cherish for the rest of your life.

It is undoubted that Goa is indeed an ideal location for a vacation, be it one with family, friends or your loved one. The exotic beaches are only one of the many spectacular attractions within Goa which are sure to leave you breathless. So waste no more time and book cheap tickets with us from the UK to Goa for your entire family and be prepared to have a fantastic time and for your senses to be invigorated. Book your flight now and make your dreams come true in the magically wonderful city of Goa.

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