Sierra Leone a tourist’s paradise of the world

Posted on October 1, 2010 Posted by Nazish Pavon

The total area of Sierra Leone is 71,740 square kilometers that is 27,600 square miles. The capital of this country is Freetown, this is also the largest city of Sierra Leone.Sierra Leone is known as a tourist’s paradise of the world. This country has something for everyone. From its rich cultural history to mind blowing beaches, you will find several things that match your tastes. There are several places in this country that are still untouched because of the difficulty of reaching there. For example Mount Bintimani, this mountain offers some great experiences of mountain climbing. You just need to reach here by flights to Sierra Leone and explore these outstanding places.

Sierra Leone is famous for its different beaches and islands. Freetown Peninsula is one of the best beaches in the country. This is the place where you can see mountains touch the sea. This beach also has great scenery. It is also an ideal beach to spend some time in the peaceful atmosphere. Besides this, you can also hit the Turners Peninsula beach that has an unbroken chain of 100 kilometres. This is also an ideal place to spend some quality time in peace as it has very limited access to visitors. For those people who love surfing, Sulima beach is the best place.

In order to experience some natural beauty, you can visit the Turtle Islands. It is a small group of islands situated in the south west peninsular. This island has several fishing communities that allow you to experience the fishing. You can reach Turtle Island by boat ride from Freetown. This will take around four hours. Additionally, Sierra Leone has Banana Islands that are situated in the south west of Freetown Peninsula. These islands are just a 20 minute boat ride away from Kent and also offer several opportunities for fishing and snorkelling.

There are some wildlife sanctuaries present in Sierra Leoneto-Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary and Outamba Kilimi National Park are two of these. Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary has 135 different species of animals that include 8 types of hornbills. You can explore this sanctuary via boat ride and forest walking. The main attraction of this sanctuary is the pygmy hippopotamus. On the other hand, Outamba Kilimi National Park is situated in the most Northern region of the country. This park has the rich eco-system that gives you freedom to stay close to nature. Guided tours and board trips are available here to help you explore this national park.

This country is also famous for its night clubs and bars. The people of Sierra Leone offer great hospitality; they are both welcoming and friendly. There are several places where you can spend the whole night with great food, drinks and music.

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