Khartoum a beautiful city on al-Mogran

Posted on October 1, 2010 Posted by Nazish Pavon

Sudan still draws tourists in some areas, predominantly Khartoum through the cheap flights to Khartoum. The capital city is located at juxtaposition between the Blue Nile and the White Nile, the primary flowing from Lake Victoria, and the latter from Ethiopia. When both Niles get together it is often called the al-Mogran. Established by the ruler of Egypt, Ibrahim Pasha, Khartoum was once just a settlement for the army. Right now, Khartoum is a cosmopolitan city with a good diversity of historic attractions, museums, great annual events, and tourist services to cater the international tourists of the flights to Khartoum.

Khartoum is a treat for those tourists who wish to avoid the cold weather and enjoy hot arid atmosphere. Rainfall here usually happens only in July and August. Khartoum is getting advanced and better. It’s at present going through enormous development projects including the Al-Mogran a Project, two five-star hotels, a new airport to receive flights to Khartoum from most destinations in the world and two modern technology based bridges: MacNimir and Tuti. Khartoum has so many wonderful bridges that attach to Khartoum north, Omdurman and three other states. These bridges embrace the Blue Nile Road and Railway Bridge, White Nile Bridge, Shambat Bridge, Kobat Bridge, and some more, some of which are still under manufacture.

The people who love to sightseeing and shopping must take the flights to Khartoum. The National Museum of Sudan preserves a sufficient collection and displays great artifacts of Sudanese history including reveals of historic Egyptian temples. Other sightseeing includes the Palace Museum and the Presidential Palace that is just bordering to it. You will also cherish the shopping for cheap costs but incredible stuff in Khartoum. The Souq Arabi is the most chief in the city and it is situated south of the Great Mosque. There are also loads of sections of merchandise here including a magnificent shop for gold. The Afra Mall is also a great place to experience shopping with entertainment with some movie theatres, children’s playground, retail outlets, a superstore, restaurants, snacks shops and also a chic bowling alley.

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