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Flights and Travel Guide to Honolulu

Why visit Honolulu?

If you really want to unravel the hidden treasures, the exquisite culture and the extraordinary vibe of mighty Hawaii, then its capital, Honolulu, is where you need to be heading these upcoming holidays. From exotic hiking trails amidst the most stunning of surroundings, captivating historical landmarks, the exquisiteWaikiki Aquarium, and not to mention, some of the most alluring shores of the island, the city of Honolulu is simply the perfect stop to uncovering the best of Hawaii.


So whether you seek to catch the mighty waves of the Waikiki Beach or the Waimea Bay for a perfect surf, explore the stunning sites of where the blockbuster film "Jurassic Park" was filmed such as the exotic Manoa Falls, unravel the beauty that lurks in this magnificent island with a visit to the famed Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu has all this and a whole lot more.


But there is a lot more to Honolulu than mere stunning natural beauty. Pamper yourself by checking in one of the city's exquisite resorts and get a taste of Hawaii's scrumptious cuisine because Honolulu is just the perfect place to indulge in all this. 


How far is the airport from city centre?

Honolulu International Airport (HNL)is located 10 miles from Waikiki, and six miles from downtown Honolulu.


Which major airlines fly to Honolulu from UK?

Air France, KLM, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air and United Airlines are some of the major airlines flying to Honolulu from the UK.


How to travel to city centre from the airport?

You can either use the bus, shuttle or the taxis to get to the city from the Honolulu International Airport. The shuttle services operate on a 24 hour basis and serve all the major hotels to Waikiki or Honolulu at a fare rate of £8.10. Check in with your booked hotel for any transport options that may be available.


Taxi stands are also readily available at the Honolulu International Airport near the baggage reclaim area. This can be a more expensive option of travelling to the city as compared to the bus and the shuttle service.


What are the visa requirements for UK nationals?

UK nationals do not require a US visa for travelling to the United States provided your stay in the US is for 90 days or less. You do however are required to be in possession of a valid passport that does not expire at least for six months further to your intended last day of stay.


Is there any airline flying daily to Honolulu?

KLM and Delta Air Lines are known to take daily fight routes to Honolulu.


How to get around the city?

Getting around Honolulu is quite an easy task. You can always use the Honolulu Bus that moves throughout the city and charges a fixed rate of £1.49. Alternatively, if you are staying in Honolulu for a few days, you can consider getting hold of the 4-day bus pass that allows unlimited use on ALL of Oahu’s bus routes and costs £14.9. This will be more convenient especially if you plan on touring all the major tourist attractions of the city.


Hailing a cab is another option which you can avail but may be a little more expensive as compared to other options. 


What’s the best time to visit Honolulu?

December to March and June to August are some of the best time periods for travelling to Honolulu Hawaii. The weather is particularly mild and the ocean waves are perfect for surfing and diving. You will also be able to find great summer deals when travelling between the months of May and August. 


Average flight time to Honolulu from UK:

It takes an Average flights time of 18 hrs 25 mins to reach Honolulu city from the UK.


Best and preferable airlines to fly from UK to Honolulu:

Air France, KLM, Air Canada and Delta Air Lines are some of the top rated and most preferred airlines to fly to Honolulu from UK.


Preferable Airlines with Cheapest Airfares:

KLM, Air France and Korean Air offer some of the cheapest airfares for flights to Honolulu.


Is there any direct flight to Honolulu from UK?

At present, there is no airline offering direct flight routes to Honolulu from the UK.


Which airline takes less time?

KLM and Delta Air Lines are known to take less time for flights to Honolulu. 


In-flight entertainment system of the preferred airlines:



KLM prides in offering its passengers endless entertainment options on all its intercontinental flights. You can choose your pick from a range of blockbuster movies, top rated TV shows, varied music genres, captivating documentaries etc. KLM now offers you an increased viewing time on all its international flights. You will now be able to enjoy KLM's inflight entertainment from the moment you get seated till you land at your intended destination. This is almost an hours' worth more of entertainment.


Delta Air Lines:

Delta Airlines offers you a wide variety of entertainment options in all cabins on international flights with seat-back screens with on demand TV and movies. You get to choose from a library of latest movies, premium programming from HBO® and Showtime®, popular TV shows, and extensive music genres to keep you entertained throughout your flight. 


High ranked and preferable airlines for business class flights to Honolulu:

KLM, Air Canada and United Airlines offer some of the best business class flights to Honolulu city.

Handy Tips To Know Before your departure flight to Honolulu!

  • Waikiki is perhaps the best area to stay in Honolulu boasting walking distances to hotels, shops and some of the city's best places to relax. This is also particularly popular amongst the tourists. Majority of some of Honolulu's top rated hotels are also located here so you wouldn’t have any trouble looking for a good accommodation in Waikiki. 
  • Travel tips for Honolulu:
  • Make use of the coupons in the free publications at the airport or other hotels in order to avoid creating a dent in your wallet. This is the best way to experience the best of Hawaii while saving on your budget. 
  • Use the farmers market to get hold of some fresh fruits at great prices. 
  • Make sure you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle when parking at the popular tourist areas like Diamond Head and the Halona Blowhole near Sandy Beach. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Do not forget to pack your sunscreens and comfortable trekking shoes. 
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