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Cheap Flights to Beijing

Hailed as one of the largest global cities of the modern era, Beijing is being served with cheap airline tickets from every major destination. Flights to Beijing are being operated from every major airport of the UK, may it be New Castle, Birmingham, London or Manchester. Economy Class and Business Class bookings are made available with numerous airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Swiss Air, Finnair and Austrian Airlines. Beijing has recently been the host of the Olympics for China, and has dedicated zones and districts for financial, metropolitan and commercial purposes. Its history spans across dynasties of pre-Chinese rule, and preserves landmarks alongside museums to preserve its significance. Temples, pagodas, gardens and avenues are main features of attraction alongside the cityscape of buildings designed with exotic contemporary architecture.

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Airline Finnair
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Airline Turkish Airlines
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Non-stop direct flights to Beijing

Airline Air China
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Travel Between 20 October, 2014 - 08 December, 2014
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Airline Air China
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Travel Between 01 November, 2014 - 08 December, 2014
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Airline British Airways
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Business class flights to Beijing

Airline China Eastern Airline
Book By 31 October, 2014
Travel Between 01 July, 2014 - 31 December, 2014
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Airline Qatar Airways
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Travel Between 31 December, 2014 - 30 June, 2015
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Airline Lufthansa
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Want to know more about Beijing before your trip? Our travel guide to Beijing gives you all the information you need to know!

The People's Republic would have a capital brought forward by the optimal what the people can offer, and Beijing never fails in satisfying expectations. Having seen centuries of evolution under the rule of one dynasty after another, imperialism has left its traces in Beijing's culture. Through the settlements of districts and neighborhoods there rise skyscrapers and towers as a hallmark of urban commerce. The established centre for the republic's heritage and importance, the Tiananmen Square brings together the Chinese Revolution Museum, the Qianmen Gate, the Museum of Chinese history and the Forbidden City.  The Forbidden City is preserved in its archaic state to materialize history for the modern explorer. The iconic Great Wall of China is open for a trek on the paved stone walkways. The magnificent temple of Heaven is painted in ornate combination of vibrant colors to stand out against the background of clear blue sky on any good day. Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Cherry Valley Botanical Garden, Chaoyang Park and Beijing Botanical Garden are all prominent locations among many others featuring in Beijing's green areas. Beijing also hosts the silver ovoid shaped National Centre for Performing Arts.

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