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Booking cheap flights to Australia is no longer a hard nut to crack! If you want to save money and still want a flight with leading international airlines, it is possible with Travelhouseuk’s Australia flights offered online, its not just a dream. TravelHouseuk has always endeavoured to offer cheap tickets to Australia with a reputable carrier. Whether you prefer to fly direct, indirect or non-stop to Australia, we have got a special flights deal ready to be customized per your preferences.


Bargain deals for return flights to Australia

Destination : Melbourne Airport (MEL)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 24 December, 2015 - 23 March, 2016
Destination : Perth Airport (PER)
Departure : London Gatwick (LGW)
Travel Between : 23 November, 2015 - 07 December, 2015
Destination : Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 25 December, 2015 - 17 March, 2016
Destination : Darwin International Airport (DRW)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 21 November, 2015 - 09 December, 2015
Destination : Cairns Airport (CNS)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 23 August, 2015 - 08 December, 2015
Destination : Adelaide International Airport (ADL)
Departure : Manchester (MAN)
Travel Between : 30 November, 2015 - 04 December, 2015
Business class flights to Australia
Destination : Melbourne Airport (MEL)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 28 March, 2016 - 19 June, 2016
Destination : Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 24 December, 2015 - 23 March, 2016
Australia Christmas flights
Destination : Melbourne Airport (MEL)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 10 December, 2015 - 24 December, 2015

Flights and Travel Guide to Australia

Christmas celebrations in Australia

Making the most of your vacations? Book Christmas flights to Australia for a warm and merry Christmas spent outdoors in the sun. The main key destination of Oceania falling in the Southern hemisphere, Australia has a culture of campfires, beach games and Christmas songs for the vacations. The key national highlights are in terms of sports, with a special Boxing Day Cricket Match as well as the biggest yacht race of the year, starting from Sydney to dock all the way to Hobart. The main cities along the Gold Coast engage in competitions for public parades and parties, pulling out everyone to participate with fancy costumes. Do look for the maximum luggage allowance when booking Australia Christmas flight deals, as the country holds the largest Boxing Day sales right after Christmas Eve. 


Why Travel to Australia?

Regarded as an entirely separate continent in the Pacific, Australia counts among the world’s most aggressively urbanizing countries, with much of its developing cities concentrated along the eastern coasts. Its cities have been known to be the liveliest, hosting a diverse culture of foreign settlers among indigenous Australians and adjusting to accommodate anyone from the outside. The arid deserts towards the heart of the mainland, the tropical forests to the north, the islands including Tasmanian terrain along with territories bordering the coasts, and the mountains towards the south east give a wide array of options to explore the flora and fauna which spreads across the country’s landscape. Special mentions are Australia being the home of Kangaroos, wallabies and koalas, there are zoos and sanctuaries to let these unique species interact with the visitors in formal facilities. The famed Gold coast sparkles with some of the most progressive cities thriving with nightlife, entertainment and a great deal of cuisines and arts. Coasts towards this side of the country thrive in terms of popular beaches thronged by surfers and sunbathers for most of the year, owing to Australia’s hot climate. Development has also lead to a sizeable concentration of resorts, amusement theme parks and adventure services. Another of Australia’s natural jewels is the Great Barrier Reef, being the largest marine life reserves to attract a global community of marine divers for snorkelling, water tours, and cruises and diving. Even though its history is not much prominent, it has its fair share hailing from the initial times when it was a colony, along with the aboriginal heritage which still exists today with numerous tribes residing in the central districts.


What’s the idea of budgeting in Australia?

  • A meal at an international fast food chain: £ 4.6
  • A large bottle of mineral water: £ 1.26
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 10.4
  • A local commutation ticket: £ 2.08
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 10
  • An apartment room at one of the standard hotels in central city: £ 80
  • Resort facility alongside one of the £ 130 

What are the destinations and airports in Australia?

With Australia being vast, the country has to rely a lot upon the aviation network for getting around the country. Sydney, the capital city, has its Kingsford Smith Airport attending to nearly 2,500 international flights every week, seconded by Melbourne as another international destination hosting 1500 flights. Brisbane and Perth are also major international destinations catering for more than a thousand international flights every week. Other international options for landing in Australia include Adelaide, Cairns, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.


Are there any direct flights operating to Australia from UK?

Currently there are no direct flights operating from London to Australia.


What is the flight duration for landing in Australia from UK?

On average, the flight time to Australia from London takes more than 21 hours, exclusive of time spent on stopovers. Usually there is only one stopover in one of the regional hubs in Middle East, Europe or the Far East.


How to manage getting around Australia?

Domestic air travel is a preferred option for long distance travel, as Australia is a sizeable country with destinations well-spaced from each other. The rail network spans cross country as well as inter-state, and is suitable for scenic tours of the country side, the remote ‘red centre’ of Australia’s heartland it’s alps, forests and deserts. Same goes for the road network, with highways and expressways made along the outer coasts connecting all the main cities and towns across Gold Coast and beyond. Across the coastline as well as the rivers running through the cities, there are dedicated ferry services for ferrying passengers across banks from port to port, while cruise ship companies are also active towards the popular Gold Coast area for regular tours. A backpacker bus network as well as coach network supports travelling along the roads, while inner cities cater for their population with public transport services relying on light rail and trams.


What are the hoteling and accommodation options for a stay in Australia?

Urban centres like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have most of their options with apartment hotels and suites located atop in the higher floors with an overview across the skyline. The trend of high rise hotels caters for the influx of tourists along the metropolitan centres and business districts, which also are the heart of the nightlife attracting visitors. If a traveller has the urge to splurge with vacationing in the sun alongside the beaches, with amenities like relaxing spas, pools and outdoor bars, the Gold Coast has a wide array of resorts awaiting tourists. Some options are also affiliated with their own islands beyond the coasts, such as Fraser and the Whitsundays, which specialize in additional services like cruises and undersea diving tours, as well as chartered boat and air tour services. With a sizeable market for youth driven tourism, there are multiple backpacker services, bread and breakfast options as well as apartment rentals attending to tourists who are visiting on a budget. Along the roads and highways, there are motels to cater for night-stays for travellers. Very few private and exclusive accommodation options are present, with some of the older towns having mansions converted as guest houses, or farms with guestrooms for bed and breakfast. 

FAQs about Australia

What are the aircraft being used generally by all the airlines operating Australia flights from UK?
Since it is a major route operating on long haul, airlines tend to use large modern airliners inducted from the latest modern inventory of commercial aviation. A majority of the airlines such as Qantas, Etihad Airways, Emirates and British Airways utilize the Airbus A 380 superjumbo between UK and Australia. British Airways and Etihad Airways also utilize the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with Etihad relying upon the 787-8 variant for operating this route.

Why would booking direct Australia flights be an unwise option?
Most of the indirect flights operating on this itinerary marginally take a touchdown duration lasting less than an hour. Therefore, saving such a small measure of time for an increased airfare for a direct flight would be unwise and impractical for this route.

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