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For availing vivacious & pulsating adventures, cheap flights to Sudan are up for grabs for all tourists who want a dramatic getaway. View the archaeological site of Meroe where the pyramids of Kushite Kingdom remind of the Nubian life along the banks of the Nile. More pyramids and tombs lie in the sandstone Gebel Barkal which the folklore suggests to be birthplace to deities respected by the local tribes, while the ruin city of Naqa includes the revered Temple of Amun. The Nile River forms as the central feature breathing life across Sudan’s deserted landscape. Explore the vast swamp created by the Nile known as The Sudd, with overgrowth of green bushes floating alongside the river, and a few small villages comprised of huts. Both Bandingilo National Park and Dinder National Park host large herds of migratory species along with big cats, primates and birdlife. The Sabaloka Gorge, Port Sudan and Jabal Al Awliya Dam and Rusayris Dam are among the main spots when it comes to scenic water bodies in the region.


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Want to learn more about Sudan? Our travel guide to Sudan keeps you informed.

Why visit Sudan?

If you are wondering why you should buy a cheap ticket to Sudan, there is a simple reason why. Sudan offers what no other place can, a chance to explore undiscovered attractions. The attractions that Sudan is home to are some of the most tempting and engaging ones you will ever see especially in the Northeastern African region.


Providing you the perfect mixture of historical landmarks and sites to the perfect backdrop of natural beauty, Sudan has got everyone hooked! This is your chance to book your cheap ticket to Sudan and unveil all the mysteries by visiting the beautiful sites that speak of the interesting and engaging history of Sudan. From the ancient pyramids, thought provoking historical museum, to the spectacularand awe-inspiring volcanic mountain ranges, there is simply so much to do here at Sudan!


If you are in the mood for some historic learning, then one of the best places to visit are the Pyramids of Meroe. Head over to the pyramids just before sun set as the sun beautifully illuminates the whole golden structure. Tourists are also allowed to go inside the pyramids. In addition to this, Sudan is also home to the Red Sea which is famous because of many historical stories.


How far is the airport from city centre?

Khartoum Airport (KRT) which is the only international gateway to Sudan is located in its capital, Khartoum. This airport is located 3 kilometersaway from the center of Khartoum.


Which major airlines fly to Sudan from UK?

Some of the major airlines that are providing bargain flights to Sudan especially from the UK include Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways.


How to travel to city centre from the airport?

The best way to get to the city center from the airport is by taking a taxi. These are not very expensive and will take you to the city center easily. If you prefer taking a bus then you would have to walk for 200 meters to get to the main road where these bus shuttles are available.


What are the visa requirements for UK and non-EU nationals?

All foreigners including UK and non EU nationals are required to register within 3 days of arrival.


Is there any airline fly daily to Sudan?

No، unfortunately there are no airlines that provide daily flights to Sudan.


How to get around the capital of Sudan?

Getting around the capital of Sudan is fairly simple as there are a lot of options available to the tourists. Starting from the low taxi fares to minibuses which are also available at every corner, getting around is fairly cheap. One can also make getting around Khartoum exciting by taking a boat ride and exploring the city on your own glamorous way. The option of hiring a private car is also available which will get you to where you need to go. However, it is expensive. Three wheeled taxis which are also called bajaj or rakshas are also readily available throughout the city. these are less expensive than normal taxis however more expensive than buses.


What’s the best time to visit Sudan?

The spring or autumn time is the best time to visit Sudan. Most travelers prefer the months starting from April to September to visit Sudan because of its humid climate.


Average flight time to Sudan from UK

The average flight time to Sudan from the UK takes approximately 15 hours and 56 minutes.


Best and preferable airlines to fly from UK to Sudan?

Some of the best and most preferable airlines to book your cheap flight with when travelling to Sudan from the UK include Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Emirates and Kenya Airways.


Preferable Airlines with Cheapest Airfares to Sudan?

Some of the most preferable airlines which are offering the cheapest airfares to Sudan include Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air and Air France.


Is there any direct flight to Sudan from UK?

No, unfortunately there are no airlines that provide direct flights to Sudan from the UK.


Which airline takes less time?

If you want to get to Sudan quickly then make sure you book your cheap ticket with Kenya Airways.


High ranked and preferable airlines for business class flights to Sudan?

If you are looking to book your flight with business class then make sure you book your flight with the high ranked airlines such as Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways.


Where to Stay in Sudan

  • Choosing where to stay is one of the most crucial decisions which could make your holiday a perfect one. here is a list of hotels which are preferred by tourists. 
  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel knows what you want from your holiday and aims at spoiling you throughout your stay.
  • Mercure Port Sudan is the perfect place especially if you are looking for a luxurious stay.
  • Burj Al-Fateh Hotel gives you the ideal place to relax after a long day of exploring the beautiful attractions of Sudan.

By Z A Chahal

Handy Tips To Know Before your departure flight to Sudan!

  • Dining in Sudan is always a feast! With so many restaurants to choose from, make sure you visit the street side cafes. These are offering the very best of traditional delicacies. 
  • Wherever you go make sure you try the dish that Sudan is famous for which is Fuul. 
  • Riviera Restaurant and Park is your escape restaurant if you are looking for some sea food. This is the best place to dine in for sea food as it is fresh!
  • Golden Gate Restaurant provides you with the perfect setting as it is located on the River Nile and hence is ideal for outdoor eating!
  • Al Fulk Nile Tourism Restaurant provides you with the opportunity to try the continental dishes and revel in the beauty of the interior.
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