Airport Guide for Suvarnabhumi International airport

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Bangkok being a major tourist hub has extremely well developed and fully modernized airports to offer to its public. The main airport which has all national and international flights to offer goes by the name 'Suvarnabhumi Airport'. This airport being the major one is also the busiest airport of all of south East Asia. It is situated approximately 19 miles east of Bangkok. It was started in the year of 2006 and is one of the best airports of all of South-East Asia. As far as the terminals are concerned it is seen that there is only one terminal which caters both domestic and international flights. The terminal is massive and some people rank it as the largest terminal in the entire world.

Apart from this the Airport provides the passengers with several other facilities. The Suvarnabhumi airport is developed and is in accordance to the technologies and facilities of the 21st century. The basic facilities that it offers to the passengers are ATM machines and money exchanges are also present which make it easier for one to go around the city. Other facilities that are present at the airport are tax free shops and some absolutely amazing restaurants are also present at this airport. A redemption booth along with an observation lounge is also present at this airport. There are several dining areas present here. It is said that there are almost 50 venues for dining. One of the most famous one is Panda Ready to eat nut if you are on a tight budget then the best venue for you is the Magic Food Point, it is situated close to gate 8 which is located on level 1.

Once that you are in Bangkok you would obviously wont to go around. For that there are several ways for you to go to the city from the airport. The Airport Rail link is used by many people and it is situated at the basement level. There are many transportation facilities available here. To get around and visit the city one can use the help of minibuses, public buses, metered taxis, Limousine taxis and shuttle buses which are actually free.

If you want to stay near the airport then there are accommodations for you which are quite close to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Even at the present all these hotels are present and the government and some private firms are having long term construction plans with them. The airport overall is a modernized and well equipped one and is clean and offers some very good services.

Map Location for Suvarnabhumi International airport