Cheap Flights worldwide with KLMKLM
Cheap Flights worldwide with KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the original flag carrier airline of the Netherlands that was founded on 7 October, 1919. KLM prides itself in being the only oldest airline that has still been working under its original founded name. KLM later announced its merger with Air France in the year 2004 and has since then been working effortlessly towards the achievement of its Royal objective. KLM prides in offering its valued customers the best care facilities catering to everyone's individual needs, a hospitable and experienced staff and crew to help ensure a smoother, friendly flight.


The headquarters for the airline is located in Amstelveen near its hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines allows you several options of checking in for your comfort and convenience.

The airline prefers you to check in online in order to save time and avoiding the hassle of long queues. This online facility allows you to check-in online and book your preferred seat and print your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport and can be accessed 30 hours until 1 hour before departure. Once checked in, you only need to drop off your baggage at the baggage drop off point upon reaching the airport. This can be done starting 2 hours before your scheduled flight. Cancelling your check-in for a later flight can also be managed easily with KLM. Simply log on to and click the option of "I want to cancel my check-in" in the check-in tab.

KLM also offers you to check-in via your internet-enabled mobile phone for all KLM operated flights and others. This facility enables you to receive your boarding pass through an email or SMS and will require you to bring your mobile device along with you to the airport.

You can also check-in with the help of the airline's agents and check-in machines at the airport. Timings for your check-in will vary according to your destinations and if it is being serviced by a partner airline.


KLM enables you to book your preferred seat at the time of your online booking or at a self-service machine at the airport. You can choose or make changes to your seat bookings up to 30 hours before departure on any KLM flight. Special seats will be reserved for passengers travelling with babies or the physically challenged which will be indicated on the seat map.


KLM seat pitch will vary according to the aircraft. For the Airbus 330-200 and Boeing 747-400 the seat pitch is 79cm (31in) while for Boeing 737-300 it is 76cm (30in). The airline also prides in offering its passengers the comfort of Economy Comfort Seat.


  • Checked Baggage: KLM allows you to carry certain amount of checked baggage, free of charge, which will be specified on your ticket or your online booking. This will vary according to the ticket class.

    For all Economy classes, 1 item of check-in baggage is allowed, weighing not more than 23 kg (50.5 lbs) and having maximum dimensions of 158 cm (62 inches) of length, width and height. The only exception to this 1 item policy is on KLM and AIR FRANCE flights to and from the Caribbean and Indian Ocean for travel until 1st December 2012, and flights to and from South America, Africa, South West Pacific, and between the United States and Canada where you can carry 2 items of check-in baggage of the same weight and measurements.

    For passengers travelling in Business Class, 2 items of check-in baggage are allowed, each weighing not more than 32 kg (70.5 lbs), and having maximum dimensions of 158 cm (62 inches) of length, width and height.

  • EXCESS BAGGAGE: KLM will charge for weight that exceeds free baggage allowance. The airline charges £61 for each additional piece for flights to the US and an amount of £45 for each additional piece of extra luggage for flights within Europe. Booking in advance online for your extra luggage will merit you a discount of 20%.

  • Hand Baggage: KLM advices you to keep your hand baggage to a minimum.

    For Economy Class you can carry one handbag measuring maximum dimensions of 55 x 25 x 35 cm and not exceeding a maximum weight of 12 kgs. You are also allowed to carry one personal item such as laptop, umbrella, briefcase, camera etc.

    For Business Class, you are allowed to carry 1 bag measuring 55 x 25 x 35 cm (l x w x h) and one bag smaller than 45 x 20 x 35 cm. your hand baggage should not exceed a maximum weight of 18 kgs.


KLM prides in offering passengers unlimited entertainment with the latest box office hits, top rated television and music shows, captivating documentaries, along with access to the biggest English language magazine of the Netherlands.

Indulge in a tantalizing meal prepared by some of the leading chefs and a wide range of beverages served on board KLM flights. The airline can also accommodate your preferred dietary or religious requirements if notified at the time of your booking.

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